Casa L4 in Argentina

Clean geometry, pristine nature, brutalist accents, sand dunes and pines. These elements are unlikely to be found in the same place, but in Barrio Marítimo II, they coexist in complete harmony and complement each other perfectly. Casa L4 is a four hour drive from Buenos Aires, Argentina and is located just over 200 meters from the beach. The owners hired the Luciano Kruk Architects firm to build their dream home. The plot of land is parallel to the beach and there’s a two meter slope from one side to another, marked by the suspended section of the house. The studio used exposed concrete throughout as it’s a long-lasting material requiring virtually no maintenance over the years, but mostly because it integrates into this particular natural environment thanks to its color tone and texture. Entering the house, you are met by the sight of a narrow staircase guarded by concrete walls, but upon reaching the top, the space becomes completely open and filled with light. Here is the heart of the home. This socializing area includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, and it features another staircase which has an almost sculptural quality to it, adding symmetry to the interior as it reaches towards the upper level. A crystal box containing the stairs brings a bright ray of light to the lower ground level, while a glazed wall lets natural sunlight to come through and offers unrestricted views of the pine forest. Four bedrooms with their own bathrooms are delegated to the four corners of the ground floor, to provide privacy from the center space. These rooms have unique windows, added either on the lower side of the walls or on the upper sections, while skylights provide plenty of light in the bathrooms. Climbing the last section of the stairs, you reach the best section of the house, the rooftop, where there are two swimming pools and decking areas. This space provides breathtaking views over the natural landscape; surrounded by pine tree tops, you can admire the sea blending with the blue sky. It’s a peaceful, meditative place, and it illustrates the entire character of the home. Casa L4 is a part of the landscape and it almost feels like it has always been here.

Casa Golf From Concrete Planes by Luciano Kruk

Argentinean architect Luciano Kruk has recently completed Casa Golf located in the center of the Costa Esmeralda development near Buenos Aires, Argentina. The site sits adjacent to a golf course and contains a sizable hill that places the structure at a higher level than the surrounding homes but also helps separate it from the main street. The design criteria was very specific- it is a getaway home for a client that called for at least three bedrooms and baths with a fourth that should remain independent from the rest, and the structure should require as little maintenance as possible. The response manifested in three pure concrete volumes, each oriented based on its specific function and open to the surrounding green landscape. Concrete and glass are about the only materials utilized to sculpt the geometric structure. The largest volume sits apart from the rest of the design in that it is the largest volume, housing the social functions of the house within two parallel glass walls that stretch the entire length of the floor plan, and is oriented and elevated to create a natural privacy from the public street and extend views. Descending from the site’s entrance to the covered patio leads to the entrance of the lower volume with strip windows just above grade. This area contains two bedrooms along the east/west axis (front and rear of the site) offering varying levels of privacy. an internal staircase connects to the main level with the kitchen, living and dining areas, and above those lives the master suite with the smaller openings and enjoying views of both ends of the property.

Branding for Argentinean Restaurant Möoi

Let us show you a very interesting work on branding for beautiful restaurant Möoi located into Belgrano town, Buenos Aires. The brand elements, graphic design, packaging and industrial design were created by design studio SeventhDesign from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The design of restaurant is different and it was hard enough to do such work. But SeventhDesign did their best to create extremely stylish and creative brand.