Coralarium – Underwater Inter Tidal Art Gallery in the Maldives

British sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor has once again left his mark on the environment with a stunning new installation. Created for the Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, Coralarium is a semi-submerged art gallery filled with nearly 30 sculptures that will act as a habitat for coral and other marine species. The Sculpture Coralarium is situated in the centre of the largest developed coral lagoon in the Maldives, on the island resort of Fairmont Sirru Fen Fushi. The artwork by Jason deCaires Taylor is a semi-submerged tidal gallery space that exhibits a series of sculptural artworks on the skyline, inter-tidal waterline and seabed. As world’s first semi submerged tidal Art Gallery it is cube shaped, six metres tall, with its front façade submerged up to median tide of three metres. The design of the walls is based on natural coral structures and is porous to allow the tides, current and marine life to pass through and the structure to “breathe” within its location. Take a look at other underwater objects: underwater hotel and underwater resort.

Perceptual Twist from Parabol Studio

Architectural bureau Parabol Studio has presented a proposal called Perceptual Twist for a new art gallery in the Slovenian city of Maribor. The building Perceptual Twist is composed of four continuous loops, merging into a one space. Each loop is a full-fledged exhibition center with its own artistic program: the Children’s Museum, the Architecture Museum, the Creative Industrial Museum, and the Digital Arts Museum. The total area of art galleries is nearly 15,000 square meters. The concept of an arts gallery, which brings together different kinds of creativity and at the same time recognizes the value of each of them, symbolically embodied in endless motion "loops" of the building, like a Mebius strip.