Art of Innovation by Geliographic

Continuing the theme of war in art – Moments of War by Mariusz Kozik – we want to represent an unusual series of paintings. “Art of Innovation” is the title of this series by Geliografic, a studio based in Moscow which does illustrations on demand. Extremely detailed unusual composition from a big variety of flowers, berries and deadly weapons is unexpectedly beautiful. Also want to notice fantastic execution of all these paintings. Enjoy! And don’t forget to feel the strong message coming from these artworks…

Avantgarde artworks by Maxime Quoilin

Interesting, beautiful and qualitive artwork were created a Belgian graphic designer – Maxime Quoilin. Black and white colors and detailed specification add a special charm to them. That is the opinion Maxime Quoilin about his creations: "By giving these artworks a more technical but also more meaningful research and execution, avantgarde represents my modest attempt at taking a step forward as a graphic designer and as an artist".