tresARCA Desert House by assemblageSTUDIO

assemblageSTUDIO designed the tresARCA house as a layered structure where the materials develop as a mass as you go from the basement up, much like the layers of the earth. The materials change with each layer giving the home a diverse mix of textures that reference various rock formations. The top floor is encased in a mesh screen that is decorative and acts as protection from the harsh desert sun. The home is designed to let the residents live both indoors and out with large windows and doors that open up to let the interior expand to the outside. Exterior courtyards were created in different spots with shade incorporated to protect from the hot sun. I’m loving the swinging sofa and embedded fire strips that will keep you warm when the sun goes down. The gourmet kitchen features various sized glass tile laid out in a random pattern going up the entire wall behind the stove.
Take a look!