Unique ‘Cella Bar’ in Portugal

FCC Arquitectura, together with interior designer Paulo Lobo, have designed the Cella Bar, in Madalena, Portugal. “The building is the result of a regenerative transformation and expansion of a small pre-existing structure that had been abandoned for many years. The walls, roof and door frames of the original building, have been restored, preserving the essential features of the original construction. The interiors were redesigned, shaped to their new roles (e.g. restaurant), and made compatible with current legal requirements. The new extension is a contemporary creation, exposed to a completely different language. It is an organic, dynamic construction that contrasts with the orthogonal, classical language of the building where it is embedded. The design is defined by great plasticity, both in terms of forms and materials, and is markedly inspired by the natural environment around the site. Several features of that environment are present in the architecture of the building, including the outline of the island, rocks, whales and wine casks. The new volume acts like a giant sculpture, tailored for its location.”

Shustov Brandy Bar by Denis Belenko Design Band

Denis Belenko Design Band have created the Shustov Brandy Bar for the Brandy Factory, located in Odessa, Ukraine. The walls are made from barrels, the ceiling is made from brandy bottles and the table tops are made from reclaimed barrel oak.

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar

Apollo 70 Airstream Bar is an airstream trailer that has been completely transformed into a mobile bar. Team at Apollo 70 rent the Airstream out to anyone for events. The bar on wheels comes complete with a fully stocked bar, televisions, and a courteous staff to ensure all of your guest’s are properly taken care of. Not only does this bar offer up locally sourced craft beers and cocktails, but can also transform into a full-fledged food truck, serving everything from the finest Belgium chocolates to gourmet street food.

1920s German Light Bulb Voltage Tester Bar

Dating to the 1920s, a former light bulb-testing machine has been ingeniously repurposed as a bar cart to shelter spirits, wine bottles and hanging glassware. The original, nearly a century old, was salvaged from a factory in Germany. Crafted of iron, a hinged segment opens to grant access to bottles and barware, while the small hatch opens, too. Surely this US$1995 masculine-looking bar would make an awesome addition to any bachelor pad or man cave! Want to own such unique bar – visit Restoration Hardware.

“Bat to the Bones” Collection

This time we will show you pretty interesting collection created by BTTB (Bat to the Bones). Their collection contains only bat, knife and bar. But all these limited art object are individually crafted and not intended to be mass-produce. “Sometimes a combination is so darn perfect, it appears to be an easy task to convince somebody of our commitment to design and producing quality work. If we were asked to boil down our work to its fundamental components we will probably go for this:”Revel in the craft that´s gone into it. Be it handmade digitalism or just simple things in life that make us inordinately happy”. ” So if you want to have really unique item – pay attention to this collection. Have fun!

Modular Festival Bar

Talanted architector from UK Ben Lark has been tasked to create an object that could be used as a bar and observation deck for parties and public events. And he done this task magnificently. Designed in futuristic style and consisted from two moduls this building performs all the tasks and looks very creative and unusual. We just should wait till this building will appear as working bar!