Giant Wooden Horn Speakers From Reclaimed Liquor Barrels

Fiddle & Hammer, a Milwaukee-based furniture company, is dedicated to the creation of handmade heirloom-quality furniture. Owned and led by Jordan Waraksa – originally a sculptor and violinist – the studio is dedicated to using the best materials available and traditional joinery, fusing those mediums with a modern aesthetic. Overall, the pieces expresses a love of wood, music, and a rich industrial past. Presented at Wanted Design Manhattan during New York Design Week 2016, the “Bellaphone” is a wooden horn speaker whose shape acoustically amplifies devices hidden within its base. Developed over the last decade, the horn is a testament to the resonant and warm qualities of the wood from which they are carved, sourced from reclaimed tequila and whiskey barrels. The pieces range in size from a two foot edition to massive six foot tall piece, and can be integrated into any system or application – from mobile devices to home audio systems and theaters. Original prototypes were originally designed by Waraksa to perform the music he writes and records.