Orbit Sink by Alessandro Isola

Industrial designer Alessandro Isola has released its latest project called “Orbit sink”. The project presents its skillfully crafted, cool white corian sections, as a neatly stacked, simple cylinder. An opposing disorderly aesthetic is soon created as you swivel each circular compartment around a metal pivot point. This invisible alloy spine also cleverly conceals the drainage system, enabling positioning away from a wall. Beneath the top container sits a contrasting chrome ring that functions as a towel rail and soap tray surface. The three rotating pieces beneath, each serve as storage volumes. The option to display pure uniformity, or layering circles that move beyond a natural axis of balance, makes the sink an interestingly irregular bathroom focal point.

Minimalist Kub Basin by Victor Vasilev

This minimalist bathroom sink was created by Bulgarian designer Victor Vasilev, who studied architecture in Copenhagen, Denmark, and currently lives in Milan, Italy. His portfolio reveals a modern-minimalist approach, with each design having its own twist. An elegant carrara marble stone, employed to enhance the product’s visual appeal. An interesting junction of geometric shapes occurs, which seems to be the basis of the design concept. Kub Basin comes with faucets and fittings, their subtle presence being a perfect match for the glass sink. The project is also available in a highly intriguing version for two. The carrara stone can be cleverly used as storage space, blending its aesthetics with a high dose of function.

Water-Saving Multifunctional Bathtub

In the time of multifunctional furniture and other stuff the following example will surely come in handy. Designed by Seung Hyun Lee, il Woong Jwa, Bom Yi Lee & Jiwon Moon the Multifunctional Bathtub has an exclusive tilt function that allows you to save water when you take a soak. Depending upon how you tilt and use the tub, you could end up saving 80% of water for foot bath, 60% of water for half-body and 40% for full-body bath. Extremely useful idea, don’t you think?

Modern Bathtube by Thomas Linssen

Dutch designer Thomas Linssen of Studio Thol created not only modern but also extremely comfortable bathtube. Made from a composite of polyester and marble this tube is concluded into wooden frame from American White Oak. Linssen explains: "For this project I took the frame of a chair, designed with comfort and posture in mind, and let it evolve into a bathtub. The base of the bath is defined by its oak-wood ‘skeleton’, the composite tub slightly puffs up between the wooden beams, pushed into this shape naturally through water pressure." Have fun!

Corcel N°1 Carbon Fiber Luxury Bathtub

You will be amazed by this superluxe bathtub made entirely out of carbon fiber. A sportscar-inspired, with aerodynamic shape – this lelegant Corcel N1 Bathtub will be produced in a limited edition of just 51 units. Perfect for a luxury modern bathroom. "The N°1 from Corpo Celeste means pure design. No superfluous functions. Beautiful, high-spirited, without any compromise. This is the N°1." Corcel spent 7 months developing the N°1 bathtub and plans to release by the end of 2011. So if you like it – stay connected with Corcel!

The Water Stone Faucet by Omer Sagiv

The limited edition Water Stone Faucet looks very natural and resembles small stream lost among stones. Designer Omer Sagiv created organic combination between water, lights and the rippling effects of pebbles and stones. Such elegant faucet will bring into your home some natural elements. The working mechanisms were designed by Touch360 and Smith Newnam. Just gorgeous!

Disambigua – Unambiguous Concept
by DiciannoveDieciDesig

Modern life needs universal things and the following bathtube called Disambigua – Unambiguous by DiciannoveDieciDesign is completely universal. One turn it’s a bathtub, another turn and it’s a washbasin. It would be perfect for small bathrooms. Don’t you think?

Compact Ladybird

Continuing the theme of compact furniture – Mini Kitchen and [Matroshka] – we want to show another great living concept – compact bath ‘Ladybird’. It’s a bath and vanity at the same time. Just remove the lid and you’ll get ‘sit’ style bath. Except its transforming function it’s very stylish unit for apartment with limited living space. The idea of this concept belong to designer from Sydney, Australia – Coco Reynolds.