Heineken Limited Edition

Today we want to show you creative packaging design made for the brand Heineken by Budapest based designer kissmiklos. “Heineken made an exclusive tender, and invited 5 designers to design a unique, limited edition bottle for 5 popular clubs in Budapest. These bottles were presented as part of the Heineken Cities campaign at the Budapest Design Week. I worked on a bottle for Trafiq club.” Take a look!

Wooden Beer Cap Maps

Beer Cap Maps is an interesting and fun item developed for guys that love to collect their beer caps, but also want to display them by adding them onto the corresponding state’s finest breweries, from which they were crafted, making it all the more interesting and thus combining an existing habit that may improve your geography knowledge. Each map is made from veneered plywood; with precision cut small holes where you can fit the crowns of your latest six-pack. You can order your USA map or an individual state map, for the US also. They also make maps for the British Isles, Canada, Mexico, Germany… it’s a great way to show off your beer taste and knowledge, plus add some color to the room you hang it in or just to get a conversation started in your office hall.

Industrial Beer Bottle Lamp

Today we want to show you really exiting table lamp. This lamp is a truly unique lighting solution with many applications. The LED lights brilliantly illuminate the brewery bottles. The lamp is highly adaptable as it is designed to stand in two different positions. A faucet switch can be rotated to turn the light on and off. This lamp is constructed from industrial style black iron piping. The repurposed bottles are firmly secured by custom rubber gaskets that grasp the bottle without causing damage to the antique bottle. A low wattage LED is easy for anyone to change. Power is supplied by a premium cloth covered cord. Like it? You can purchase it for $225 on Etsy.

Square Heineken Bottle by Petit Romain

If you love beer or even obsess about it then this new concept of the bottle is for you. French industrial designer Petit Romain recently conceived of a way to take beer outside the bottle. Tired of round bottles in six-packs that clink together and are difficult to stack, Romain imagined enjoying Heineken out of a square bottle instead. Back in the early 1960s, Heineken debuted a rectangular beer bottle that doubled as a glass brick. Similar to that design, the Heineken Cube concept delivers optimal storage for manufacture, transport, and ultimately consumer use. Take a look! And if you were surprised by the design of this bottle you should check Top 10 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World.

Miller Boom Box

Take a look at the creative packaging of Miller beer. “To attract attention to and to make Miller the preferred brand among other six packs in the summer when beer consumption spikes. Miller is closely linked with music in Turkey. It has been organizing Miller Music Factory, a contest to discover fresh talents for six years and Miller Freshtival, a music festival, for two years now. This is why we have chosen music as a theme for our six pack. We have designed two sided boxes, one side looks like a speaker and the other is the cassette player. This way when three boxes are brought together side by side, they form a boom box.” Design was created by advertising agency Manajans/JWT, Istanbul, Turkey. Take a look!

Spectacular Typographic Posters for Monteith’s Brewing Co.

These amazing typographic works were created by graphic designer from United Kingdom Mike Collinge for Monteith’s Brewing Co. Each beer varietal has its own image that are used on packaging as well as marketing and promotional companies. Collection of beautiful and stunning graphic works that are worthy for your attention.

Stylish Design for Anécdotas

This stylish design for Spanish brand San Miguel was created by graphic designer Eren Saracevic. Bear Anécdotas is a new beer to drink in a pub or a bar by the night. And designer decided to use images with possible ways of ending the night, that could become anecdotes to tell in a bar or pub conversation. At the back there were a little copy about the anecdote that happend to the person from photo. Stylish, creative and accurate harping of the beers title.

Unique Taste of Guiness

British studio Thinkdust created a truly masterpiece for Guiness. This dark flash site actually will make you want to drink Guinness.