The DNA Bench by True Design

Leonardo Rossano of True Design together with Debora Mansur created a bench called DNA. “Inspired by the dynamic forms of biogenetics, the modular bench DNA consists in a unique construction assembly which is created by a single section of curved plywood, that is mirrored in design to create multiple seating configurations. The result of this system, is a captivating piece of furniture, shaped after the helix form, in which each completed section creates an individual seat for the user creating comfort in a public space.”

Grand Acanthus Rattan Bench by Dolcefarniente

Called “Ethuil”, this bench by Dolcefarniente is like a normal straight seater with a headboard attached. Shaped like a huge acanthus leaf from the Greek and Roman times, multiple finishes are available on this beautiful furniture item including: white, natural or black rattan with an unimaginable amount of textiles to choose from for the seat. This is a great statement piece that really pays homage to an old world time and will make you feel like you have your very own “throne”.

Poppins Bench by Alessandra Baldereschi

Alessandra Baldereschi has designed a bench named Poppins. “In the Poppins collection the upholstery is used to create a visual impression: the illusion of many pillows laying on a bench. The inspiration comes from the Optical Art’s method which, through the use of color and geometric shapes, creates, starting from a plane a three-dimensional optical illusions. The padding protrudes from the surface of wood, is took down and positioned only where is necessary. Through its three-dimensionality and a slight deformation of shapes, you get a dynamic effect, a vibration enhanced by color. The cushions become a part of the structure, increasing the comfort of the seat and representing the aesthetic value of the project. This value comes from ancient times, when the cushions was made with precious materials as a symbol of royalty.” Take a look!

Modified Social Benches by Jeppe Hein

This time we want to show you project of Danish artist Jeppe Hein “Modified Social Benches”. It’s a public art installation that distorts everyone’s favorite park seating surface in a variety of crazy ways. Some of the distortions are minor, some add beneficial features to the benches, and some make the benches entirely unusable. But all of the modifications do one thing very well: they draw attention. According to the artist, the goal of the project is to encourage interaction. Interaction between the public and the benches, and interaction between the people who use the benches. Undoubtedly creative project!

Contemporary Multi-use Hybrid Chair

Multi-use Hybrid chair from furniture collection of Martin Davis can be used as dining chair, a stool/ottoman or a bench. It consists of 2 components, a base and a back, plus some supplied stainless steel fittings. “The design of the piece was arrived at by experimenting with the simplest of forms. The initial inspiration for this shape came from a marine shackle, which is a high strength fitting used on yachts to secure tensioned rigging from the mast to the boat hull.”