Hyper Realistic Cakes by Former NASA Engineer

Creating a hyper-realistic sculptures is a very popular direction in modern art. One of the most successful sculptures are creation of BethAnn Goldberg since her creations aren’t just similar to the original but also they’re very delicious. It’s hard to believe but these are cakes-sculptures. BethAnn Goldberg is a well-known cakes master. She’s the two time gold medal champion on the show “Challenge” and the owner of Studio Cake, a custom-order bakery in Menlo Park, California. The Stanford alum and former NASA engineer uses her masters in engineering and work experience from NASA to construct incredible works of edible art. Though she spends a majority of her time making beautiful wedding cakes, it’s her special, sculpted cakes that will have you talking. As she states about them, they’re “cakes that look like anything but! If you can dream it, we can create it in cake!” Who wouldn’t be fooled into thinking they’re looking at a humongous sandwich? “The stacked sandwich cake is actually a four tiered cake in disguise,” Goldberg says. “It is a large column of cake with sandwich fixings on the perimeter. It took the better part of a work week to create, but who’s counting?”