Vintage Bell Carbon Fiber Motorcycle Helmet

Bell’s Star helmets from the ’60s and ’70s remain iconic to this day and inspired its Bullitt helmet. The Carbon Bullitt simply improves upon the standard edition. Its matte carbon fiber finish is understated and elegant, and isn’t just for looks: it reduces the helmet’s weight, as well. Otherwise, you get all the same features as the standard model, including a removable, washable leather liner, comfortable padding, and front chin and metal mesh intake and exhaust vents. It also retains the integrated speaker pockets, contoured cheek pads, and a padded chin strap with a D-ring closure. It comes with a clear flat shield with brown leather tab, an additional flat silver iridium shield, and is both DOT- and ECE-certified. Also don’t forget to check our great collection of bike helmets.

Epoch Collection Of Safe Bike Helmets By Thousand Helmets

Los Angeles-based brand Thousand Helmets was founded two years ago and offers original and safe bike helmets. And they look stylish and elegant. “As a long time cyclist, I was never a fan of wearing a bicycle helmet. I always thought they were bulky, “sci-fi” nuisances. But after the loss of a friend, I knew I needed to change. Wanting to give others an option to change as well, I emptied my savings account and convinced my friends to help me build Thousand. Finally, a helmet you’d actually want to wear. We just started down this road, but we can’t wait for you to join us on the ride,” says Gloria Hwang, co-founder of Thousand.

Closca Telescoping Bike Helmet

Closca’s odd nesting helmet has come a long way since its Kickstarter debut and early releases, and now it’s ready to keep folks riding through nesting season. The space saving design has a simple Devo-y appeal, and the new accessories add cold weather dexterity to that chunky collapsible shape. The new “Brilliant” visor adds reflective chops and color options, and snaps straight into the Red Dot logo looking helmet with a nearly unnoticeable profile. The sweatery “Nordic” ear cover option comes in two gloomy weather colors and provides quaint fall texture. If anyone ever invents an integrated ear cover that doesn’t look like part of an Ugg boot they’ll deserve a Red Dot of their own, but these blend clean modern and cozy looks and get the job done. The helmet still folds down to half its full height, and the sweater tucks neatly within. While the brand has described the helmet itself as “immutable” while in use, every time I look at these things I find myself wishing the top dome logo was a keyhole to lock the helmet in place while open. Maybe the addition of sweater parts will add stiffness. You can buy it here.