Birdbnb: 50 Adorable Birdhouse Models of Real Airbnb Listings

A new campaign launched by vacation rental site Airbnb called “Every Traveler Deserves A Home.” Centered around migrating birds, who Airbnb considers to be the ultimate travelers, they decided to hire a wide range of artists to create birdhouse versions of some of their most interesting rental homes on the site. From a 15th century feudal castle in Ireland to a dome home in Koh Samui, Thailand, the rentable habitats have been scaled down to bird-size proportions, intricately handcrafted from mixed materials, and fastened to a looped twine, so that they can be strung from tree branches. The campaign is completed by a film, celebrating the company’s passion for travel and hospitality, and an exhibition of the items in New Orleans at Audubon park’s tree of life.

Living Typography

“These days, it is hard to imagine just how common house sparrows used to be. Sparrows were everywhere, the ultimate groupie to humankind. It seemed that they were untouchable. Study proves that there is a sharp decline in the number of house sparrows. The driving force is the lack of nesting and breeding spaces. With high-rises and malls coming up everywhere, the birds have been displaced. So, an idea called “Living Typography” was developed. Hollow wooden 3D alphabets that could also act as a bird’s nest were created. Appropriate alphabets were sent to a friends and family. They could keep it outside their house as their nameplate or house number. This nameplate/House number also acted as nests for birds amidst concrete jungle of the city.” Project was created by Nishant Jethi from Mumbai, India. Take a look!

Vintage Camper Birdhouse

In our previous posts we’ve shown you some interesting houses for beloved pets such as vintage houses for cats or dog mansions. And now it’s time for birds. You can invite birds to your garden with this Vintage Camper Birdhouse. It was inspired by the Shasta campers of the 1950s. “The color scheme is yellow gold over corrugated aluminum siding with a thin black stripe. The aluminum door is both a design accent and a deterrent to squirrels, while the curved awning is just pure style. Features a slide out bottom for easy cleaning, durable and stable marine grade plywood construction, brass fasteners and one and one half inch entry hole.” If you’re interested – you can buy it here.

Ceramic Birdhouse APA from Luis Porem

This beautiful birdhouse called APA was invented and created by Portuguese designer Luis Porem. Luis has designed a ceramic birdhouse, which can serve as a temporary nest for very small birds. Design of the house allow to hang it in many different ways – attached to a wall, on a long support pole, hanging from above or on a table top of other surface. The form is a simple cone, avaliable colours – different.