Peugeot Luxury Speed Boat Concept

In conjunction with esteemed ship manufacturers Beneteau, designers at Peugeot look to have developed the world’s first SUV-inspired speed boat for the water. Introducing the Sea Drive Concept – positioned to take the term “off-roading” to a whole new level. At a glance, this concept serves as a glimpse into the future of luxury boating. Upon further inspection, the plush details and allusions to the company’s SUVs make themselves known. For instance, the concept features the same i-Cockpit from their automobiles hosting a litany of amenities including a compact steering wheel, a head-up display that provides all relevant info in captain’s line of vision, and a large 17-inch touchscreen along with intuitive controls for a convenient and personable on-board experience. Nappa leather, copper contrast stitching, and chrome accents all adorn the interior as well.

Award Winning Solar-Powered Arcadia Yacht Sherpa

The 55 foot ‘Sherpa’ by Arcadia Yachts was built from the ground up and is designed to suit a number of environments. Depending on its layout and furnishings, the multi-purpose yacht can serve as a fishing boat, a party boat offering plenty of deck space, a family-style cruiser with room for sunbathing, a superyacht’s shadow-boat, or a support vessel for an oceanfront villa. Arcadia Yachts’ ‘Sherpa’ made an outstanding debut at the 2016 Cannes Yachting Festival , picking up two coveted awards at the World Yachts Trophies in the categories: most innovative yacht from 50 to 80 feet, and boat of the year in the motor yacht category. Named after the Nepalese people from the most mountainous region of the Himalayas, the ‘Sherpa’ is available in two superstructure configurations: there is an open deck suited to carrying cargo; a saloon deck which features an enclosed living space on the main deck; the lower-deck area can be configured with one, two, or three cabins; and the enclosed upper-deck includes a bridge, galley, and dining area. The ‘Sherpa’ is constructed from lightweight materials for fuel efficiency, and there are even solar panels built into the superstructure helping power its onboard systems. The boat cruises at 20 knots and has a top speed of 25 knots, while its Volvo ‘IPS’ propulsion lets the captain maneuver up to, and away, from the dock effortlessly.

Elegant Luxury Maori Yacht

To celebrate a decade of great work, Sardinia-based boat maker, MAORI, is rolling out a brand new 54-foot yacht. There were no corners cut in producing this vessel. Just roofs. The cabin of the boat, depending on the weather and the preferences of those on board, can peel the ceiling back with nothing more than the touch of a button. This result is a large, open social space that flows freely with the outside. Designed to work as a shuttle or a day cruiser, the boat also boasts a large open deck that can fit up to twelve sunbathers at once. As for the amount of power this yacht packs – it is more than substantial. Buyers have the option to choose from either a pair of FPT2 650-horsepower engines, or much more hefty MAN 2 X 800-horsepower engines. If you want to check more luxury yachts – we recommend you to check our post about the most expensive yachts in the world.

Batman-Inspired Luxury Hydroplane ‘Alpha Centauri’

Named the ‘Alpha Centauri’, this sharp vessel combines the luxury of a super-yacht with the speed of a hydroplane race-boat. The 8.3m prototype has the looks of Batman’s personal power boat and has enough power to match the looks. A 9.5-liter V8 Big Block Chevrolet engine capable of developing 750 hp is used as power source coupled to a two-stage Scott jet-drive. The result is a mind-blowing top speed of 60 knots. This makes the Alpha Centauri vessel one of the most fastest superyacht tenders in the world. Built from a stainless steel frame, and a lightweight composite structure, the ‘Alpha Centauri’ hydroplane has a total displacement of just 1650 kgs. Interior refinements have been kept to a minimum, with four red leather racing-style bucket seats, bright red detailing, a Raymarine navigation system, and a Rockford-fosgate sound system that includes two subwoofers. Optional extras include heating, air conditioning, and an array of colorful exteriors, for those who’d prefer to give the superhero-styled boat a colorful finish. Also don’t forget to check our post about Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Yachts.

Luxury Personal Vessel Kormaran K7

The ‘K7′ from Austrian company, Kormoran, is a versatile luxury vessel that can speed on the seas as a catamaran, trimaran, monohull, or a hydrofoil. A pair of hydraulically actuated hulls allows the watercraft to transform on the sea, even when in motion. The kormaran ‘K7’ is a 23 foot speedboat that can change shape + pilot settings at the push of a button. Its electronically activated hydraulic-arms are central to its adaptability: when drawn inward, the outrigger hulls fold into a monohull watercraft; when deployed partially, the body stands above the water surface, acting as dual hulls of a catamaran watercraft; when deployed completely, the body is submerged effectively becoming the third hull of a trimaran watercraft. The luxury watercraft also features a set of fold-out hydrofoils, enabling it to lift the body further above the water in monohull mode, creating a smooth experience that reduces water resistance by up to 80 and consumes less fuel. Kormaran complements the ‘K7’s’ innovative design with materials that create a sense of prestige. Its overall structure is crafted from carbon fiber, the hydraulic arms are a blend of titanium and stainless steel, while the interior is trimmed in soft leather. The hull + deck surfaces are covered in veneers of black-jointed teak wood, providing ample room for occupants to sunbathe, or dive into the water. During the evening, an intelligent lighting system navigates the pilot through dark conditions, while red LEDs + aquamarine strip lighting provides the perfect ambience to appreciate the seascape at night. The luxury watercraft’s 493 horsepower ‘triple-jet-drive’ allows it to reach its top speed at 45 mph (70 km/h), travelling up to nmi (200 km). It measures 7 m (23 ft) in total length, and between 5 and 11.5 ft (1.5 and 3.5 m) in width, from the monohull to trimaran configurations. Sat at the rear of the pilot is a leather seat for two rear passengers, allowing the to get cozy while revelling in the luxurious cabin.

Fitness Vessel: Pedal And See The Sights of Paris

Renowned design and innovation office Carlo Ratti Associati reveals the Paris navigating gym project, an exclusive human-powered boat that sails along the Seine river in Paris. Developed as a collaborative initiative, the proposal responds to the locals’ demand concerning the urban and public infrastructure. The Paris navigating gym project was initiated by Carlo Ratti Associati alongside fitness manufacturing company Technogym, the non-profit Terreform ONE organization and the urban regeneration institute URBEM; what is hoped to be accomplished through this proposal is to demonstrate the potential of human energy for vehicular powering . As Carlo Ratti, founding partner of Carlo Ratti Associati and MIT senseable city lab director, explains : ‘The Paris navigating gym investigates the potential of harnessing human power, it’s fascinating to see how the energy generated by a workout at the gym can actually help to propel a boat. It provides one with a tangible experience of what lies behind the often abstract notion of electric power’. The proposed boat is a 20 meter long ‘fitness vessel’ that can easily accomodate 45 individuals and features a distinct series of ARTIS fitness equipments – provided by Technogym – which harness the energy produced during workout sessions and ultimately power the cruising vehicle. In addition, fitness enthusiasts can keep track of their energy data and the outdoor conditions via an augmented-reality screen that displays real-time information. Thanks to electric propellers, the boat can also be activated for a long and enjoyable cruise along the Parisian river – allowing complete public use throughout the year. Finally, this unprecendented experience can be further enhanced with an incredible panoramic glassed front facade, capturing the capital’s urban charm. Influenced by the Bateaux Mouches, a typical 20th century touristic ferry-boat of the seine river, the vessel’s distinct design indeed reflects the iconic character of the french metropolis.

Personal Luxury Submersible for Fast Underwater Ride

Ortega’s Mk. 1C three seater submersible is a personal submarine, fitted with two high-performance electric motors. It is built for both above and below sea travel. It’s also equipped with an HUD navigation system, on-board breathing apparatus, and a fully equipped trimming tank (to control buoyancy). Optional upgrades include Magnetometers, sonar, an extra air supply, or a larger cargo hold. This badass sub also has a range of 92 miles and can travel over water at 10.4 mph or underwater at 12.7 mph. No price has been announced, but you can count on this killer underwater craft costing nothing shy of a fortune.

Shaddai Yacht Concept by Gabriele Teruzzi

Gabriele Teruzzi frames the futuristic “Shaddai” yacht concept with a suspended private terrace. The captivating vantage point houses the owner’s cabin to watch sunsets and together with the infinity pool, the 38 meter tower produces a visual effect of water with no boundary, merging with the sky. The main hull is 150 meters long and includes a beach club and main deck connected by scenegraphic infinity pool. Influenced by the most luxurious and exclusive hotels, the 300 square meter beach club features a main aquarium in the middle that divides the two sides of the yacht. Both the color combinations and arrangement distribute the space in ultimate luxury. It has a big chances to become one of the most expensive yachts in the world.

UFO: Sea Vessel With Underwater Lookout

Italian water transportation company Jet Capsule unveils their latest seafaring concept, the “UFO”. Standing for unidentified floating object, the saucer-like unit is an energy autonomous vessel capable of estimated speeds of up to three knots (3.5mph). “UFO” measures 12.5 meters in diameter, and uses various systems to take advantage of all natural elements. The floating object includes two habitable areas – other than the outer deck. A main level area houses the kitchen, and a floor access point connects to a sub-level bathroom and underwater viewing area. Jet Capsule is currently seeking investors to develop a working “UFO” prototype.

Innovative Nautilus Houseboats for Modern Lifestyle

Nautilus Houseboats are specialized in the development and construction of innovative design houseboats for a modern lifestyle. The idea of living on the water used to be for people seeking freedom and adventure outside conventional society, but these days, houseboats aren’t just for renegade captains. A houseboat lets you experience the world and have your own home wherever you go, with the same comfort as in your dream home on land. Nautilus offers 4 distinct models according to your needs and family size, you can choose from various equipment options and floor plans, giving you the opportunity to build a boat according to your wishes and budget.

SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht

This SeaXplorer Expedition Yacht by Damen yachts. While her entire hull is ice-strengthened, in the most challenging ice conditions, SeaXplorer can go astern using a specially shaped icebreaking stern to break through boundaries that stop other yachts. Whether you choose the 65-meter, 90-meter or 100-meter version, SeaXplorer will be the most capable and efficient expedition super yacht ever. SeaXplorer features dedicated space for submersibles, dive gear, and a recompression chamber, as well as dedicated storage for an array of carefully chosen tenders. Built with remote destinations in mind, SeaXplorer will achieve an unprecedented 40 days of autonomy. And we recommend you to check our other post telling what is the most expensive luxury yacht in the world.

Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht

The Migaloo Private Submersible Yacht is a massive 377-foot submarine concept created by design firm Motion Code: Blue. It features super-luxury features such as a helipad, a two-story owner’s suite with its own private patio, and eight VIP suites. It also contains a huge beach club midship, featuring a pool, bar and plenty of desk space. It also dives up to 787-feet deep into the ocean, allowing passengers to view the spectacular sites that the deep ocean has to offer. According to its designers, its not an impractical design, either, as there are similar builds currently available. There isn’t a potential price available for it yet, but a similar 377-foot class attack sub costs over $2.3 billion to build, so don’t even bother going into your piggy bank.

Dubai Floating Luxury Villa ‘Floating Seahorse’

Launched at the Dubai International Boat Show, Kleindienst Group‘s “Floating Seahorse” is a contemporary marine yacht that boasts underwater rooms with breathtaking views. Intelligently designed, engineered and developed in Dubai, the unique concept will be limited to just 42 units. The aquatic style retreat’s master bedroom and bathroom will be totally submerged in the clear sea, delivering pictures of the surrounding coral reef and ocean life. Moving up to the luxury boat’s sea level, the accommodation which includes a fully-fitted kitchen with a dining area and an open plan living area, has floor to ceiling windows, offering uninterrupted ocean scenes. Furthermore, when the glass façade is open, the sun deck becomes an extension of the living space. On the upper deck, the floor is suitable for alfresco dining and relaxation, featuring an informal bed, mini bar, kitchenette and a glass-bottomed jacuzzi. The project is estimated to be completed by the end of 2016. CEO of Kleindienst Group, Josef Kleindienst comments, “since launching the floating seahorse we have been inundated with local, regional and international inquiries. we are excited to not just offer people a once in a lifetime investment opportunity in dubai but on a global scale. the floating seahorse is not restricted to dubai waters and can be designed and fabricated in Dubai for other resorts and destinations worldwide.” Josef explains “the seahorse is an endangered species and we will create an artificial coral reef beneath the luxury retreats which will be a protected area in which seahorses can safely live and breed. Very soon, people will be able to see up-close and personal, the beautiful and elegant arabian horse of the ocean – the seahorse!”

Quadrofoil Electric Watercraft

With the Quadrofoil you can jet across the water quietly and without injecting carbon-based fuels into the subsurface ecosystem too. This personal watercraft operates with a silent motor and zero emissions electrical tech, making it not only a cleaner option for aquatic joyrides, but also one that can shoot along lakes, rivers, seas, and eco-zones where most motor boats and PWCs are prohibited. An all-electric, battery-operated outboard motor and special steering system comprise Quadrofoil’s clean powerhouse. Combined with an aerodynamic design, the Q2S model can cruise through water at speeds of up to 20 knots, or about 25 mph. C-foil technology on the vessel’s underside creates enough buoyancy to lift it above the surface, and promote travel with minimal water resistance. The craft’s steering wheel has an integrated touchscreen display reflecting battery power, range (60+ miles), speed, and consumption. Safety provisions include: an anti-collision system (the insect’s legs) designed to absorb shock upon impact; a hollow hull that renders the Quadrofoil unsinkable; and a coupla life jackets and a paddle for lazy times.

Floating Sauna Houseboat Saunalautta

Saunalautta is a floating sauna houseboat that is now available for rent in Finland. Built out of recycled wood, the raft features a bedroom with four bunks, and a hot steamy sauna on the lower level, on the top level you’ll find a rooftop observation deck, a barbecue, and hammocks, making it the perfect place to unwind on the water with friends. A small outboard motor is used to power the vessel.

Luxury Convertible Boat Concept Kormaran

While conventional boats cannot change their driving characteristics, the Kormaran can transform even while driving. The Kormaran elegantly combines the agility of monohull for quick manoeuvres, with the stability of a catamaran or trimaran. In addition, the Kormaran can gracefully transform into large bathing platform. The use of hydrofoils expands the vision of Kormaran. The advantages are obvious – higher speed with lower energy consumption and a much more comfortable ride, thanks to the decoupling of the waves. Carbon fiber with automotive standards and integrated Formula 1 technology, coupled with lightweight aircraft technology and the latest security features, make the Kormaran a high-tech watercraft with the highest requirements.

Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat

Many of us have dreamed to explore one of the legendary rivers Amazon. So why not to do it in Aqua Amazon style from Aqua Expeditions team. You will enjoy a chic boutique hotel that floats on Amazon. Yes, we love to enjoy nature, but not all of us can abandon the comfort offered by large five-star hotels. But now there is Aqua Amazon Luxury Boutique Hotel Boat. This hotel-ship offers 12 luxury suits with lovely views from each one. The hotel accommodates up to 32 guests along with all the staff. 147-feet vessel was designed by well-known Peruvian architect Jordi Puig. Hotel was made from a simple boat. Jordi Puig also added to the project recreational room, hot tub on the open deck , a gym for daily exercise and fitness, and of course, a gourmet restaurant. Restaurant has its own captain – famous chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino. Are you already thinking about a luxury river cruise on the Amazon?

Oru Origami Kayak

This absolutely stunning Oru Origami Kayak is every adventurist’s dream! It is light, compact, durable, and fully recyclable. And it unfolds magically out of its own carrying case This innovative structure takes only 5 min to assemble and is equipped with extremely tough double-layered plastic hull and a comfortable foam seat. You can preorder it now here!

Electric Speedboat by Mercedes-Benz AMG + Cigarette Racing

The high-performance drive technology from the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG electric sports car has been fitted into a Cigarette Racing off-shore powerboat to created the world’s most powerful and fastest electrically driven motor boat. Launched in time for the Miami international boat show, the 38 foot (11.6 meter) long offshore water craft outputs 2,200 horsepower producing a maximum torque of 2,213 ft-lb. It’s also capable of reaching top speeds of over 160 km/h using formula 1 derived lithium-ion high-voltage battery technology. The powerboat is fitted with two 22-kilowatt on-board chargers from the ‘SLS AMG’ coupé electric drive as standard – fully charging in approximately seven hours, with additional options to reduce charging to less than three hours.

Luxury Osros Floating Island

Designed by an Austrian company the Osros floating island includes six luxury double bedrooms, with space for 12 residents and four staff members. The boat is priced at £3 million. The manufacturers describe the island as an “autonomous power supply based energy system” powered by a noiseless wind energy system. The island also features over 120 m2 of solar panels. Heat recovery from the sea water is used for heating and air conditioning. The company explains: “In the beginning, my goal was to create an exclusive, high-quality hotel chain based on floating platforms. With the progress of the project it became clear that the attractive and unusual concept of Orsos Islands should not be limited to only a selected group of people. Orsos Islands should reach a much broader audience, people with an awareness of modern life and a feeling of responsibility towards the environment.” The Austrian company began construction of the prototype in Germany and Hungary. The company’s goal is to show the structure to the public by the end of 2013.