Skull Chair and Brain Ottoman

Talented artist Vladi Rapaport is the author of the following furniture pieces: the Skull Chair and Brain, both crafted in 2008. Made from reinforced polyester and having an option to have a veneer covered finish as well, the chair takes a more abstract and artistic approach to a skull shape. Brain is a soft, square shaped ottoman that looks strikingly similar to a brain. Covered in leather, there are multiple folds and a beautiful neutral finish that pairs up with the chair to create a complete set.

Creative Insight Lamp by Solovyovdesign

Belarusian industrial design duo Igor and Maria Soloyov, better known as Solovyovdesign, created a fluorescent bulb called “insight lamp” that plays a joke on the classic good idea light bulb joke. Not much bigger than a standart bulb this one looks much more interesting. This creative bulb will force to change all bulbs in your home.