Miniature Sculptural Airships From Cardboard

Netherlands-based artist Jeroen van Kesteren has created these sculptural airships as part of a series titled "Orphanage for Lost Adventures". Made primarily from cardboard, aluminum foil, adhesives, and an assortment of papers used for sails and propellers, the whimsical flying machines have a distinct steampunk feel. The pieces range in 40 to 50 centimeters tall and take about a month to make.

Cardboard Safari Animals Wall Trophies

Cardboard Safari creates these cool animal-friendly and recyclable cardboard trophies. Made from environmentally friendly, recycled cardboard, the beautifully laser cut wall decorations are a striking visual statement, they are available in brown, white and other colors and a variety of sizes. These unique animal busts are actually large puzzles that you put together, each is formed by interlocking pieces of cardboard that are laser cut for a precision fit, ensuring that construction is a snap. Instructions are included and no tools are required. Makes a great contrast in modern rooms with a bit of old-days charm and kitsch. Like it? You can buy any of these trophies here.

Cardboard Cats Habitats by Loyal Luxe

If you’re the proud owner of a cat you know that cats love cardboard boxes. Love playing with them and sleeping in them. But isn’t very aesthetically to place ugly cardboard box in the room, even for lovely pet. Considering all these Canadian pet company Loyal Luxe offers cute cardboard cat products 100% made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. At the moment Loyal Luxe provide two beautiful cat habitats: The Native American Teepee and The Canadian Cabin. Any of them is much nicer than a shipping box!