The 10 Most Powerful SUVs of 2016

Sports utility vehicles or SUVs, as they are commonly referred to, were originally designed as height-adjusted station wagon-like vehicles that were equipped with four-wheel or all-wheel drive for better performance on off-road terrains. However, the definition of an SUV has changed a lot over the past decade, with many of them specializing beyond the traditional off-road role. Some SUVs new even come with the towing capacity of formidable pickup trucks, while offering all the creature comforts of a passenger car and the space of minivan. In 2015, performance has also emerged as an important factor for SUV enthusiasts who are looking to make their next purchase, provided money is no objection. Let’s have a look at the 10 most powerful SUVs that will be available in the market.

Lane Splitter Concept Car Transforms Into Two Motorbikes

Writer Mark Wilson at Fast Company came up with the idea of an electric car that splits into “two badass motorcycles” as he loved the idea of owning both in one vehicle. The two segments fasten together at the bottom with special attachments, which can be released at the push of a button. When the vehicle is functioning as a car the front wheels are kept close to the vehicle, but when the sides split into motorcycles the front wheels extend to give the bikes more stability. The wheels can also tilt sideways to the segments can be ridden as bikes. According to Wilson, the idea behind this car is to offer the social experience of a car while also featuring a personal urban transport vehicle that is sporty. It measures in at a length of 128 inches and resembles a buggy like vehicle. It has been inspired from Batman Tumbler and work by Syd Mead. It transforms into two motorbikes that are closed-top when it splits. After argodesign did their bit, Mark took the concept to the New York Auto Show to propose the idea to car firm.

“Ze Future” by Ido Yehimovitz

Today we want to show positive and creative project of designer from Tel Aviv Ido Yehimovitz. Called “Ze Future” this project contains lots of perfectly drawn pictures showing how classic cars would look like in future. The main features is absence of wheels. Interesting, huh? Take a look! And if you like this idea then you should definitely check “Air Drive” Series by Renaud Marion.

“Air Drive” Series by Renaud Marion

French Photographer Renaud Marion has captured surrealistic scenes of iconic, classic cars hovering just above the ground, seemingly materializing in an imagined retro-futuristic cityscape. Situated in front of contemporary architectural sites, garages, and residential structures, the sleek cruisers float on the street. The "Air Drive" series includes a hot-red Jaguar e-type, shining silver Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing coupé, and mint green Mercedes-Benz 190SL that drift in place. The recognizable automobiles represent a time when cars were regarded as highly stylized symbols of society, with vibrantly-colored hues and crafted exterior details.

Paradise Parking by Peter Lippman

American artists Peter Lippman spent two years to find out places in forests where old cars rusts. In the series Paradise Parking photographer shows how nature takes over abandoned creations of human hands, how lying for decades old cars, overgrown with moss and ivy entangled, become a harmonious part of the surrounding space. Take a look!

Famous Cars We Love by Cihan Ünalan

Let’s remember our favorite cars from movies made by Cihan Ünalan, Istanbul, Turkey. "I intend to photograph the cars or ‘mobiles’ that made an impact on our lives through movies." Collection includes some of the most memorable cars from movies such as Ghostbusters, Batman and Back to the Future. Have fun!

Nissan Introduces NASA-Inspired Car Seats

We’ve often heard of the weird ways astronauts have to eat while in outer space. Nourishment is essential to human survival to the point even rather unappealing dehydrated meals are an invaluable companion for a space adventure. But in order to protect astronauts’ lives and accomplish a space mission, there are plenty more details that NASA has to take care of. Among them, one is often overlooked but vital to say the least. We’re talking about astronaut seats, which at the American space agency enjoy the attentions of a dedicated team of engineers and designers. Such seats have to resist enormous 3G pressure and support the astronauts body adequately, yet their weight needs to be kept as low as possible. While not many official details about NASA seats have been made available, their concept is based upon lightness, adjustability and endurance. If the importance of seats is not marginal for a space mission, the impact of a good posture and comfortable seating on our daily life shouldn’t be underestimate, either. A unique case is the automotive world, where fatigue through long journeys can impact the driver’s safety and eventually lead to fatal accidents caused by exhaustion. In this respect, it is very interesting to see how one of the world’s top carmakers, Nissan, has made NASA-inspired “zero-gravity” seats both a main feature and selling point of its new Nissan Altima. Flanking the similarly priced new Nissan Sentra in Dubai, this car is going to follow the company’s philosophy of affordable luxury and comfort.

Oldtimer Calendar by Mirko Frank

12 vintage cars, 12 beautiful photos, captured and retouched by Stuttgart based photographer Mirko Frank, create stylish “Oldtimer Calendar”. Each car on photos has its own history and this history is also described in a few words in this calendar. Great calendar, don’t you think?

Supercar Evantra from Faralli & Mazzanti

The Italian car builder Faralli and Mazzanti (F&M) presented render of its first mid-engined supercar the F&M Evantra. Executed in an aggressive style, with opening of the door against the model resembles Batmobile. The Evantra (formerly dubbed Mugello) will be constructed from either composite materials or handcrafted aluminium (depending on customer preference), with the latter option available for personalisation. Power will derive from a 3.5-litre flat-six engine, which will be available in two guises; a naturally aspirated model with 392bhp, or a twin-turbocharged option developing 587bhp. At its most powerful, the Evantra will hit 62mph from standing in 3.7sec. Production of the Faralli and Mazzanti Evantra will be limited to five units per year, with first deliveries slated for mid-2012.

Art Collection Devoted to
Alfa Romeo’s 100th Anniversary

As all fans of Alfa Romeo know this year the legendary car brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary. In connection with such significant occasion there was created art collection of beautiful paintings called “The Cross and the Snake”. The collection consist of 7 paintings that are availiable in a limited edition of 30 pieces. The author of this collection Feredrico B. Alliney, famous creator of the sceneries of “The World of Pandora” in the movie Avatar, about this collection: “I wanted to transport the onlooker inside my paintings. For this intent I use a pictorial technique which I have developed as movie sceneries designer, painting with light, superimposing layers of light and shadow which compenetrate each other. The result of this treatment is then elaborated with pictorial techniques to make stand out the smallest details of the painting.

Paper City for Crysler

Advertising shouldn’t be very bright and colorful. Sometimes such boring color as gray will show everything you want to know. For example like these advertising posters for Crysler created by graphic artist Pawel Nolbert and photographer Lukasz Murgrabia from Poland. The main feature of this ad is created in 3D max paper city. Brilliant idea!

New Concept Sports Car Porsche 918 Spyder

Company Porsche represented concept sports car 918 Spyder at Motor Show in Geneva. The car is built on the platform of a racing Porsche RS Spider and is powered by both a 500-horsepower V8 and a pair of electric motors. The E-Drive mode is for running the car under electric power alone, with a range of up to 25 km or 16 miles. Battery power unit can be recharged from household electrical outlets. The concept can theoretically reach 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and nip 198 mph on the high end. Maximum speed is 320 kilometers per hour. A high-tech exterior of lightweight materials is complemented by the latest in Porsche interior design and features, indicating the car is in fact headed down a production path despite its current concept-car status.

Unbelievable Kinetic Sculpture from BMW

Company BMW in conjunction with the design studio ART+COM decided to expand our understanding of “sculpture” and presented to the audience something unbelievable – “Kinetic Sculpture” created from numerous small metal balls floating in the air and grouping into various forms. It consists of exactly 714 metal spheres connected with a thin steel wires. Each wire in its turn is connected with an individual motor, which causes the ball in motion. Wires holding the ball are almost invisible, and it seems that spheres are floating in the air by themselves! Eyewitnesses say that’s unforgettable spectacle. Initially balls move randomly, and then begin to group into forms in which can be guessed shapes of BMW cars of various years: BMW 327, BMW 1500, BMW Z4 coupe concept and Mille Miglia.

Miniature World of Michael Paul Smith

These photos are not so ordinary as it might appear at first glance. The fact is that each and every shot is a part of a miniature world called Elgin Park carefully constructed and photographed by Michael Paul Smith. To get this effect it was used an old trick described in many specialized books. You should just put the model in one line with the background. And no photoshop! All buildings are constructed on a scale 1 / 24 by the author. That’s how Michael Paul Smith transforms his love for 20 centuries into real modern art.