A Full Service Housing Module for Cats

ARNI Foundation is a nonprofit organization that rescues abused animals as well as animals at local kill shelters. With the help of Studio Mango, they created a new pet brand called ARNI Says, where all proceeds go directly to the ARNI Foundation. They debuted their first product, the Kitty Kasa collection, which is an adorable set of stackable modules that act as little homes for cats. The Kitty Kasa is like full service condo housing, but for cats. There’s the Kitty Kasa Gym module that comes with a scratching post and holes to keep your cat happy and exercised. After they’re tired of the gym, they can prowl to the Kitty Kasa Recreation center, complete with a mouse for kitty entertaining. Finally, they can go to sleep and rest in the Kitty Kasa Bedroom, that’s sturdily built and can be used indoors or outdoors.