The Newest Luxury Smartphone – Vertu’s Signature Touch Teal Fluted Edition

Inspired by the unique glamour and beauty of the Art Deco period, Vertu’s newest offering, called Signature Touch Teal Fluted Edition, shows off matte Titanium on its gull-wing doors, with brushed and polished Grade 5 Titanium sides and a hardened black ceramic adding to overall appeal of this luxurious phone. Wrapped in Teal Blue leather, courtesy of a specialist Italian tannery, each Signature Touch screen is formed from a single piece of 130-karat sapphire crystal, resulting in a high definition display and a scratchproof surface. On the inside, technology junkies will find Android’s Lollipop 5.1 64-bit operating system, a high-performance Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 810 octa-core processor and exclusive alert tones created for Vertu and performed by the London Symphony Orchestra – that may sound like overkill, but not for the team at Vertu. Bear in mind that Vertu’s Lost Phone service will make sure you will always keep your precious smartphone close, but first, you will need €9.800 to enjoy this outrageous device.

$14,000 Super-Secure Android Solarin

Israeli start-up Sirin Labs unveiled a new Android device that boasts “military grade” security and a price tag of $14,000. For specifications, the Solarin features a 5.5-inch IPS LED display with a 2K (1440×2560 pixels) , Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, it runs on 4GB of RAM, 23.8-megapixel, Sony-made camera and a quad-LED flash and it has 128GB of non-expandable internal storage. A chip-to-chip 256-bit AES encryption technology is also integrated into the device, backed up by security firms Zimperium and Koolspan.The phone is available online and can be grabbed from its first store in Mayfair, London from June 1 and Harrods, Knightsbridge from June 30.

Google ARA Modular Phone

Google showed off their Project Ara, a modular phone concept, to the masses about a year ago. Now, after much tinkering, the phone that allows you to swap out components is here. Shown off in what should be close to its final form, Ara is set to ship to developers this fall. The frame of the unique, Mondrian-looking smartphone contains six flexible slots so users can swap in the items they need. Depending on who you ask, and maybe on the day, Ara is either the future of the phone – a forever-lasting, totally personal device – or an impossible pipe dream.

Water-based Cellphone AQUA

A very futuristic and very original mobile phone was offered by South Korean designer Bon Seop Ku from Samsung company. The device is called AQUA and it looks like it really consists of water. Designer found his inspiration on a wet table, where he thoughtfully drew different figures by his finger. As a result he got a concept Samsung AQUA together with a graphical user interface and water-based display. It is assumed that the user can remove icons from the panel by simply rubbing the display with their hands. The cellphone runs on liquid type battery that apart from being eco-friendly supports the transparency of the screen as well.

Kinetic Cellphone Concept for Nokia

British designer Jeremy Hopkins took cellphones to a new level and created unique concept of the phone. His phone called Nokia Kinetic converts digital information into kinetic energy and make receiving a call, text message of email more visual. It has an electromagnet at the base which allow to shift the weight and keep it in an upright position. User checks the screen of the phone and if he wants to miss a call he should simply give a phone a tap, causing the phone to fall back down again and return back to standby mode. "Aimed at the business user, Nokia Kinetic is an unique phone that responds to notifications trough movement".

Luxury Cellphone Celsius X VI II

Luxury products always attract everyones attention. For example as this ultra stylish cellphone. Celsius X VI II consists of 547 mechanical components assembled by hand. The body is transparent, so owners can check out all phone’s mechanical details. In addition to manual work, this mobile phone looks very interesting. Virtually no pity to give 275 000 dollars for it. To continue the theme of luxury stuff check our last post about luxury watches.

Cellphone “Dial” with Rotary Dial

Concept of cellphone named Dial with retro elements was created by designer Jung Dae Hoon. At one hand it’s incredibly beautiful fashion accessory, at other – cellular phone with rotary dial – you want to dial a number you need to simply touch it. Numbers are displayed by projection lights. Very clever and aesthetic idea, but it’s just not quite clear how to talk on this phone and how it will be convenient.

Mimeo – Surprising Concept of Cellphone

An intersting concept of mobile cellphone was developed by designer Sam James Chu. If you’re tired to type a message or to search for the caller’s name in your phone this phone is for you. This interactive cellphone Mimeo is a pen by itself. Just write down the person’s name or phone number at the hand and then press the call button to start the conversation. Such solution greatly saves the time needed for typing. Maximum comfortable navigation through the menus provided by a touch OLED-display. Besides it have very stylish look and many variations of design. One thing is unknown for me. Using keyboard during many years I forgot how to write understandable. Will this cellphone detect my doodles?