Mesmerizing GIFs Created by Blind Artist George Redhawk

Artist George Redhawk has put together a series of stunning GIFs, perfectly looped and beautifully haunting. It’s especially impressive because he’s legally blind and that’s why his collection of works is titled "The World Through My Eyes".”With the use of visual aides and computer softwares that aide the visually impaired, [Redhawk] began to explore the realm of photo manipulation with a desire to show the world as he see it from his damaged sight,” his biography says.

Absurd Animated Portraits of Romain Laurent

We’ve previously told you about talented French photo-designer Romain Laurent and shown you some his artworks – Creative Artworks of Romain Laurent. Today we want to to show another Laurent’s project – One Loop Portrait a Week. It’s hard to find right words to describe it but “absurd animated portraits” will suit the best. Just take a look!

Seeing New York in Cinemagraphs

We’ve already introduced the amazing Cinemagraphs by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. As an homage to the place they’re living, and working, they created the animated series “Seeing New York – through my Giorgio Armani lenses”, showing us the world trough their eyes. The result is a series of intriguing moving pictures that make us feel as if we were right there, observing Times Square, Central Park and the Grand Central station through the classic Armani lenses. If you are interested in the glasses, you can find them here.

Newest Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Do you remember amazing cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg that we’ve shown you some time ago? After a small period of time this creative team produced some more cinemagraphs. The same beautiful and life-like animated images. So if you liked the previous selection of artworks of Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg then you will surely like these extra new cinemagraphs. Have fun!