Circus-Themed Collection of Tableware for Alessi

London Design Festival 2016: circus tents, clowns, elephants and strongmen are transformed into kitchenware and tableware in Marcel Wanders‘ latest collection for Italian design brand Alessi, which will launch in the UK during the London Design Festival. Dutch designer Marcel Wanders’ Circus collection for Alessi encompasses five limited-edition figures based on common circus characters that each perform a different function, as well as 29 new tableware and kitchen products. The five figures are limited to 999 pieces and are described by Alessi as “table sculptures”. Made from steel plate, each one is named after a fictional circus member invented by Wanders, who is known for his flamboyant aesthetic. The pieces are made using a combination of lost-wax casting, machine processing and laser cutting and is decorated by hand, including gilded details like The Strongman’s eyebrows and nose.

Amazing Pegzini Family Laundry Pegs

Hanging up your laundry to dry on a clothes line is pretty boring stuff. And not fun for others to look at either. Now you can make laundry hanging a little more fun with these Amazing Pegzini Family 5 Laundry Pegs Clothes Washing Line Pins. Your laundry will look a lot better with some acrobats doing tricks on the line. For $17 you get a set of 5 gorgeous laundry pegs in a gift box. If you’re interested you can this set here.