Inside Out Concrete Lamp by Daevas Design

Inside Out by Daevas Design is a table lamp constructed from concrete which features a brass lampshade. The primary goal in the design of this lamp was to highlight the variable characteristics of concrete. Although a heavy and rough material, it can be manipulated to create a very detailed and fine structure. On side of the lamp features the rough surface associated with concrete which represents the ‘outside’ of the body. The other side has been designed with a rhythmic form based revealed in small steps going into the body of the lamp that represent its ‘inside.’ The atypical shade is composed of just a frame, portraying the armature typically used in concrete structures externally, this inversion of of materials further continues the ‘inside out motif.’ Furthermore, the form is based on Fibonacci’s spiral, the method gives the object a harmony and continuous lines which brings the piece together.

Concrete Watches by Dzmitry Samal

Let us show you a series of watches with frames made of concrete. The author of this limited edition collection is Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal. The watches are partly made of concrete using a patented technology and are “Megapolis inspired”. Each timepiece is realized by hand in Switzerland in a limited edition of 100 pieces. "I chose concrete, a noble, modern, honest and robust material, the stuff our megapolis are made of. My watches tell the story of an alliance of French creativity and Swiss technical performance, innovating in a field that has never been explored in watchmaking before." Price for these unique watches is 980-1240 Euros. They are available only through pre-order and will be delivered at the end of November 2012. Take a look! And don’t forget to check the list of the most luxurious watch brands for men.