15 Prefab Shipping Container Homes

Living in a shipping container home is a really cool idea. None of that brick and mortar, for once, but only large and empty boxes that you fill up with your belongings and convert into a liveable space.

Contemporary Shipping Container Home from Cocoon Modules

Athens, Greece based Cocoon Modules has partnered up with natural mattress brand COCO-MAT to turn a shipping container into a place someone would actually like to live. The container architecture startup takes old shipping containers and creates ideal modern dwellings for nomads, emergency housing, or people looking for a weekend home. Their idea is to design units that are modular and can be moved if need be, while being outfitted with everything needed when the keys are handed over. Each unit only takes 6 weeks to complete before being delivered to its location making it a much more affordable option than other prefabs. They’re able to keep manufacturing costs up to 50% lower than conventional construction methods.