Photo Journey Through The Poland

On the pages of our website you’ve already traveled through such beautiful countries as Italy, Slovenia and Greece. And this time we want to invite you to the journey through Poland. Poland is a country in central Europe with magnificent nature, old cities and rich history. Jump into the post and you will see this beautiful country from different angles and perhaps your next journey will be to Poland.

Picturesque Romania on Photos of Alex Robciuc

What do you know about Romania except the fact that it’s a homeland of Count Dracula? Do you know that this is an extremely beautiful country with fairytale landscapes and picturesque mountains? And who can describe this country in the most best way than a Romanian? Alex Robciuc is a talented photographer from Romania and all featured in this post photos were captured by him. “Hiking and being in nature inspires me a great deal, so capturing these experiences is one of my passions. I captured these photos during my journeys through the Maramures (a small county in Transylvania, Romania). The landscapes I photographed in this region are serene and tranquil. Currently, I see my photographic style as traditional landscape photography. I like to use the rich morning and evening light for a dramatic effect. Waking up at 5 AM, searching for a view-point, waiting for the perfect light and finding an outstanding element in the landscape around me – that’s my perfect recipe for transposing my feelings and my mood into a simple photo.” Enjoy!

Beautiful Crete Photos

Crete Island is an integral part of Greece, European and World History. It’s a cradle of our civilization, as well as simple stunningly beautiful place to visit. Ancient ruins and old harbors and fortresses, hidden beaches, great lakes and magnificent mountains, and of course traditional Greek hospitality. It’s all about Crete! And in this collection we will show you some really beautiful photos of Crete and hope you will like them. Tell us what’s your favorite one! And don’t forget to check our list of the most beautiful places in the world.

Stunning Dubai Photos from Above

Dubai – a luxurious and stylish city, which is considered one of the most beautiful corners of our planet. Alexander Remnev from Moscow, a man who doesn’t afraid any height, decided to visit the city of the tallest skyscrapers. There are many articles and stories about Dubai and each of them tell you about the city, its advantages and disadvantages. In this post you’ll see the city from above! From the height of several hundreds meters. From spires of skyscrapers. More stunning views after the jump! And don’t check this post if you are afraid of heights!

Italy in Stunning Photographs

The eternal source of inspiration for photographers, painters, artists… A country of ancient cities, majestic mountains and stunning lakes, bewitching seashores and peaceful fields. Italy! Every guest of this friendly country will keep in his heart a piece of this wonderful land. We could talk about Italy very long but it’ better to see than to hear. So we tried to gather some really awesome photos of Italy. Here you can find beautiful photographs of Rome, Tuscany, Venice, lakes Garda and Komo and some other places perhaps you’ve never seen before… Hope you will like it!

Charming Photos of Slovenia

There are many beautiful countries in the world but there is only one which contains word “love” in its name. It’s Slovenia. Many people write its name as sLOVEnia to highlight this word. Slovenia is a small country in the heart of Europe with small and beautiful cities and friendly people. On its small territory you could easily find lakes and sea shores, flatlands and Alpine mountains, marshes and green fields. And in this collection we want to show you some amazing photos of Slovenia. Be careful! You can fall in love this charming country!

20 Spectacular Photos of Austria

Some time ago we’ve featured some really beautiful photos of Greece and to continue the series we want to show you 20 spectacular photos of Austria. Looking back on a long and eventful history, Austria is today a wealthy, stable and prosperous nation. Because of its rich cultural past and present, for its beautiful landscape as well as a dynamic and innovative economy, Austria is being appreciated throughout the world as a cultural nation, travel destination and business partner, and the inhabitants are proud of their country. Have fun!

15 Amazing Photos of Greece You’ll Never Forget

While planning your summer vacation don’t forget about one of the most beautiful countries in the world – Greece. Greece was one of the first places civilization took hold in Europe and is therefore the birthplace of many things we’re familiar with, including the Olympic Games, Western philosophy, democracy, political science, and Western literature and drama. The Greeks say, that this is the last place on earth where the old Greek Gods are still in power and keeping their rituals and traditions. Surrounded by the Aegean Sea on the East, the Mediterranean on the South and the Ionian Sea to the West, it’s made up of a mainland and more than a thousand islands and 227 of which are inhabited. So, enjoy!