Cam Curioosity Campaign by Matteo Pozzi

This series of brilliant ads by Matteo Pozzi answers questions to curious children through imaginative and surreal imagery. "Children make a lot of questions and their answers are so incredibly fantastic. We came up with a simple creative concept (CuriOOsity) in which the children’s fantastic answers become the leading theme of our campaign. The result was a imaginative, although realistic, vision of the world through children’s fantasy." The project was done for Cam, which is a baby product company in Italy, so it could not be more fitting. The campaign effectively reaches its target market through the curiosity of children and thus capturing parent’s hearts.

Creative Ads: Bad Food Bad Dog

Feed your dogs bad food, and according to Nutri Balance, they will turn their backs on you. Chilean ad agency Prolam Y&R shows us what happens when man’s best friend becomes man’s worst enemy. “Bad food, bad dog. All the vitamins, all the flavor”. Don’t trust your criminal dogs near a tower of cards (Cards), a hidden lover (Husband), pot hole (Blind) or spare body parts (Hand).

Odis: The Safest 3 Numbers Lock

Today we want to show you some Odis creative advertising posters demonstrating the power of 3-number locks. The billboards present scenarios in which numbers serve as security barriers for a bag in an airport, a tent in a camp site, and a locker on a university campus. And also other combinations under slogan “Odis. The safest 3 numbers lock.” The first campaign won a Silver Outdoor Lion at Cannes International Festival of Creativity. The second is quite new and perhaps also will win some prizes. Take a look! And if you like to play with 3D symbols then check some of our previous posts. For example Recycling Typography or 3D Type Collection from Chris LaBrooy.

Awesome Creative Pharmaceutical Ads

Since the emergence of print advertising pharmaceutical advertising has been always popular along with ads of food and alcohol. With the development of the computer industry capacity to produce an effective poster advertising has increased in many times. The emphasis is not so much on the information content of advertising but more on creativity, which is much more important for modern society. Our collection of creative pharmaceutical ads is an excellent example of how to attract public attention to pharmaceutical products and it really deserves your attention. Also you may be interested in The Most Creative Sport Ads and Creative Car Ads previously published on our website.

Expressive Ads by Mohanad Shuraideh

Today we want to show you stunning ads posters created by Mohanad Shuraideh from Dubai. This expressive series of posters for fashion store will definitely will attract your attention. Beautiful girls, interesting decoration and a lot of red color. Enjoy!

Creative Ads by Jonathan Gurvit

We represent you creative art works of designer from Argentina – Jonathan Gurvit. Works by this designer are different. Brilliant creative ideas underlying the work, abundance of bright colors and vivid details highlight works of the designer among many others. Jonathan Gurvit extensively use images of people and animals, harmoniously combine photos and vector images. As a result, such advertising can not remain unnoticed by the general public.