Creative Cocoon Chair by Vasil Velchev

This far-out seating solution called Galaktika by Vasil Velchev creates a cocoon of comfort for the user. First designed as an airport armchair, it provides both a cozy place to sit and entertainment while you wait, whether you’re at the gate for your flight or the lobby at the doctor’s office. Lined with ultra-soft cushioning and capable of being fitted with additional pillows, it envelopes the user while isolating them from external noise. A built-in swing arm outfitted with a flatscreen TV provides access to movies, games, airport traffic information and more. If you want more interesting chair designs – don’t forget to check Bowl chair and rocking chair Ufo.

Mysterious and Spectacular ‘Anish’ Chair

Designer Emanuele Magini has created ‘Anish’, a seat whose appearance almost tricks the mind into thinking that it’s a room divider and not a seat at all. Designed for Italian furniture brand Campeggi, ‘Anish’ has a round gold frame with a stretchy blue material, however when looking behind the frame, you see the seat, and the only way to sit in the chair, is to lean back against the stretchy material, which then reveals the seat.

The Planet Chair – Your Special Private Space Place

Ukrainian based MZPA design, have created ‘The Planet’, a piece of furniture that enables someone to have a private space in an open office, hotels, airports, or anywhere where someone needs a little time to themselves. The ergonomic design includes a couple of features, like a USB charging port, led-lamp or tablet holder (seen below), that allows the user to curl up inside and watch a movie, do some work or have a hands-free video call. There’s also a shelf with a small built-in cup holder and an upholstered cushion for maximum comfort.

Cool And Red Manet Easy Chair

Looking like a delicious box of french fries just waiting for you to dive in, the Manet Easy Chair may appear to you as hard and geometric, but each individual outcrop is in fact a soft pillow that bends and compresses to accommodate the sitter, allowing you to feel as if you’re being hugged by the chair! Designed to provide you with a comfortable seating experience, no matter the posture, you can sit, recline, nap on the Manet chair. Each pillow can even be rearranged or removed and used separately, giving you full flexibility over how you want to place yourself on the Easy Chair. The gap between pillows in the easy chair also make for a rather unique holder, allowing you to wedge books, phones, or tablets inside. The Manet comes with an MDF Box base draped with a Vinyl Fabric, inside which are kept 16 pillows. Each pillow is crafted out of soft foam and lined with polyester that can be removed and washed periodically. Manet is entirely manufactured in Brianza, Italy, by qualified artisans.

FirstCall Chair by Ruud van de Wier

Dutch designer Ruud van de Wier in collaboration with manufacturer EASY Noise Control has developed pretty unusual chair called “FirstCall”. The form is based on the recognizable and classic shape of an old phone, so that when sitting in it the surrounding noise is muted. The quiet space enables people to make calls in office or public environments, ensuring that they can concentrate despite being surrounded by noisy situations. The “FirstCall” chair comes in a variety of 32 colors and can also be ordered in a bicolored configuration.

Grand Acanthus Rattan Bench by Dolcefarniente

Called “Ethuil”, this bench by Dolcefarniente is like a normal straight seater with a headboard attached. Shaped like a huge acanthus leaf from the Greek and Roman times, multiple finishes are available on this beautiful furniture item including: white, natural or black rattan with an unimaginable amount of textiles to choose from for the seat. This is a great statement piece that really pays homage to an old world time and will make you feel like you have your very own “throne”.

Eye-Catching “Gi Booth” Chair by Jakob Gomez

This eye-catching and interesting chair is the latest work of the architect and designer Jakob Gomez. Gi Booth, as it’s called, differs by a really creative and interesting approach to form, color and functionality of the armchair design. The chair’s architectural aesthetic and the amazing combination of strong basic colors with 3 different types of woods create an awesome contrast, and with every standpoint you are likely to discover surprising details. Developed in collaboration with Karla Aurora González Villarreal / Jorge Reynoso, the exquisite furniture item is both practical and elegant, with a design emphasizing on color and form.

Opus Chair by Dor Ohrenstein

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) there is a direct link between the physical balance and mental balance of a person. Dor Ohrenstein has made a chair to help users achieve that state. “While exploring the TCM culture, during this project, I decided to focus on the issue of physical balance and mental state.” says Ohrenstein. “When one achieves physical balance and he knows how to find and manipulate his own body, he will be able to control his own mind and soul. My project presents a new sitting model that allows the user to be in charge of his balance using a ball based structure, letting the user take control of his mental and physical state. While sitting on the Opus Chair you find yourself at an new posture located between traditional sitting posture and stand up position, in this posture the center mass of the user located under his spine forcing the user to be in a upright posture.”

BIOPHILIA Collection by Ross Lovegrove

Ross Lovegrove has designed the BIOPHILIA Collection for VONDOM. "BIOPHILIA Collection explores a new design language that forms a dialogue between time, form and space combining the pioneering organic design of Sagrada Famila by Antonio Gaudi, VONDOM expertise in advanced roto-moulded technology and my studios ongoing research into the transference of digital process into contemporary design. Taken out of craft and into the 21st century progressive domain of polymerization and industry BIOPHILIA is a collection, acknowledges this lineage but pushes the boundaries between material structure and form into a new modern territory as yet unseen, parametrically conceived and diametrically opposed to modernism in its expression."

Mickey Egg Chair

Designer Miloš ‘Mickey’ Vujičić decided to combine chair with silhouette of Mickey Mouse. As a result we can see "Mickey Egg Chair" which will easily bring some joy and brightness to any interior. Designer says: " The Egg Chair is a iconic chair designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1958 for Radisson SAS hotel in Copenhagen. Mickey Mivu just designed his version of this chair which may be more fresh and playful as the Mickey Mouse who is the main inspiration for this chair. " As we can see there are several variations of this chair including bright chairs and serious one made of leather. Which one do you like most?

“Przelany” Armchair by Wamhouse

Polish design studio WAMHOUSE recently has created the new armchair “Przelany”. At the first look it looks more like a digital art piece than an actual armchair. The chair seems to be modeled after a pot pouring out coffee – the main chair is shaped like a pot and the way the back of the seat sprays out like a splash of liquid is slightly unreal. The spilling back of the Przelany Armchair is designed two colors – chocolate and red. Take a look!

Samurai Chair by Seo Young Moon

It’s not an optical illusion! It’s striking Samurai Chair created by designer Seo Young Moon. It gives the illusion that it’s fallen victim to a samurai’s razor sharp katana. It will surely make you think twice before sitting down, but rest assure, it’s still capable of holding up to 330 lbs! Check it out!

Parabolica by Stefan Heiliger

Let us show you interesting chair Parbolica created by designer Stefan Heiliger. "The powerful shape of this “reddot” winner makes the swivel armchair a fantastic object in your living room, which you round off with the covering combination of your choice. The inverted dish-shaped foot is finished in brushed aluminum. With its asymmetric shape, Parabolica offers the user three different moments: reclined and relaxed, sitting “normally” or working with the armrest as a worktop. The multiple award-winning Parabolica has various covering options available for outside, edging and inside. " Take a looK!

Flip Coffeecup Chair

Daisuke Motogi Architecture has added a new chair, shaped like a coffee cup, to its growing Flip furniture collection. Flip furniture changes function when flipped. Coffeecup is a low table that turns into either a small armchair or higher chair with a low back. Made of lightweight urethane, the chairs are easy to flip, so light a child can flip them without any help. In addition to Flip chair, Flip stool and Flip rocking chair, the series now includes; Flip-coffeecup, Flip-table and Flip-chair-kids.

Rosa – Poltrona with Acoustics

Today we want to show very cozy chair “Rosa – Poltrona with acoustics” designed by Studio KMJ. “Whether you are listening to music or reading a book the “Rosa” Poltrona keeps one shielded with its acoustic absorbing foam and fabric. The shape of the ROSA chair is inspired by the rose in a particular position. This natural position is clearly seen by roses or sunflowers that direct their head to the sun for their photosynthesis cycle. The strips represent the layers of the rose and contribute to the curves of the volume. The shape acts like a sound and visual protection which is fitted with sound absorbing foam. The Poltrona also turns in a 360° radius.” Have fun!

“Chair & Chair” by Tatiana Bortkevica

Let us show you sophisticated and at the same time distinctive line launch sofa “Chair & Chair” designed by Tatiana Bortkevica, a young professional interior and product designer based in Paris. Obviously it was inspired by one of the alphabet signs. This modern design handcrafted sofa can be presented in two versions: upholstered with black or mustard color soft suede. Special combination of smoothly flowing form lines, colors and materials creates a truly artistic and dynamic piece of furniture.

Whale Chair by Maximo Riera

Spanish designer Maximo Riera continues to create stunning animal chairs. In addition to Octopus, Rhino, Walrus and Elephant chairs he created new Whale Chair. This chair honors the blue whale, the world’s largest animal. "Whale Chair" was designed to be the centerpiece making it ideal for open spaces due to its extensive its size and dimension. the fin is showcased in a manner that replicates the lift of its tail fluke in the water, while its asymmetry balances the composition of span in relation to the seat. this piece serves as a reminder that we need to understand how to responsibly sustain our marine life population to prevent a decline in our earth’s endangered species." Have fun!

Stunning Zoomorphic Chairs from Merve Kahraman

Take a look at these stunning zoomorphic chairs created by industrial designer Merve Kahraman. “Hybrid collection was inspired by the mythologies of parahumans. This anthro chair unions with its owner, merging into one. It is entirely handmade and available in different leathers. ” Choose what chair do you want to have: deer or rabbit. And have fun!

Elegant Doudou Chair by Mahdi Naim

Today we want to show you another interesting chair called Doudou Chair. Designer Mahdi Naim used transparent polycarbonate for creation of this furniture item and he assures that this chair can support sitter up to 120 kg. Playful forms and elegant design will make this chair a perfect decoration both indoor and outdoor interior. Take a look!