Incredible Modern Hotel with Twisted Shapes

Found at the junction of two famous roads, the Shoreditch Hotel reacts with its unique context in a striking, ship-like form that preserves, and creates, public space for the surrounding area. Designed by AQSO Arquitectos, the proposed scheme includes a hotel at its front, while a cinema and various retail outlets are separated by a public atrium at its rear. The mixed-use facility “explores a formal response to the site conditions with an alternative contemporary language,” the resultant blending of perspectives creating a gateway to London’s creative heart. Emphasising the cycling and pedestrian flow, the facade steps back at ground level; a pointed overhang enhancing the angle of the junction to passersby. The contortion of the form aspires to create a project that is “iconic, but not monumental,” and as the height gradually decreases along its side, the landmark takes on a much more subtle appearance in the adjacent streets.

Big Green Bus – Private Stay Inside1982 West Midlands Metro Bus

Tucked away in a private woodland, the Big Green Buss brings a piece of the city to the Sussex countryside. The converted 1982 West Midlands metro bus now offers accommodations for six as well as a full kitchen, wet bath, and living area with a wood-burning stove. There’s no wifi or TV, but that’s part of the fun. The lounge is completely stocked with books and board games to keep you occupied. Outside the bus, there’s a second shower, wrap-around deck, fire pit, and wood-fire hot tub to take in the surrounding scenery.