Rising Collection – Foldable Furniture by Robert van Embricqs

Dutch designer Robert van Embricqs created a foldable furniture series, in which each piece starts with a flat surface and is capable of intricately folding itself up into an minimal design. The idea is simple, and that is to commence with a flat surface that can transform into a piece of stylish furniture. Looking at natural transformations, that function beautifully without cumbersome, or clumsy design, provided the inspiration for the incision pattern that in turn became the latticework of “woven” wooden beams that make-up the table’s centre. The Rising Collection, which features mostly furniture made of bamboo caramel, includes a chair, table and fruit bowl among others. Inspired by natural forms, Van Embricqs’ work predominantly explores the extent to which objects can dictate their own design.

Feather Table Collection by Thai Designer Apiwat Chitapanya

Thai designer Apiwat Chitapanya has designed a side table that stands out due to its details and sculpturality. manufactured piece by piece, the “Feather table collection” uses skilled craftsmanship that results in exquisite pieces where small stainless steel pieces are welded in order to create a composition of feathers. This welded element acts as the base of the table, supporting the wood top. The collection consists of one side and one coffee table. Both have that hand-made welded stainless steel base and a wooden top. The feather-like base gives the sensation that the table is so light that in any given moment it might fly.

Limited Edition the Abyss Table by Christopher Duffy

The wonderful table that you’re seeing in this post is limited edition the Abyss Table designed by Christopher Duffy for Duffy London. Like all of Duffy’s designs, the Abyss Table is a conversation piece as much as a functional one. But while previous works play with gravity, this new design is concerned with depth, and creates a geological cross-section as mesmerising as the sea. Designer Christopher Duffy explains: “I was looking into sheets of thick glass at my glass manufacturer’s factory, and noticed how the material darkened as they added more layers – the same way the sea does as it deepens. I wanted to use this effect to replicate a real piece of the earth’s sea bed. Like a mythical power had lifted a perfect rectangle straight from the earth’s crust to use as his personal ornament.” The Abyss Table is hand made to order in London from sustainable materials, and limited to an edition of 25.

Bear Table by Daniel Lewis Garcia

Daniel Lewis Garcia has created the Bear Table using cnc technology and maple plywood. “Bear table uses the plywood endgrain to accentuate the form. In addition, when glued, the wide surface area creates a solid block of wood. This process makes efficient use of plywood and a sculptural end product.”

Cupiditas Table Controllable by Smartphone

The Cupiditas Table by Amarist is a lush furniture piece created to awake emotions and define unique”atmospheres through its exclusive materiality and avant-garde design. Cupiditas, meaning “desire” in Latin, is the result of a perfect equilibrium between craftsmanship and contemporary art. With its pure lines and minimalist design, it perfectly blends art and functionality, sculpture and furniture. Made out of Alabaster, a unique translucent stone, the Cupiditas Table can be illuminated from its core with LED RGB Wi-Fi technology and controlled through your Smartphone and Tablet device. This technology allows you to change the light color and intensity in order to create the desired atmosphere for your social events or your emotional status. Each piece is individually made and handed in with a gold platted badge with the client’s name engraved.

Torque Desk by I M Lab

London-based Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad from I M Lab have designed the Torque Desk. “A twisting take on a traditionally formal product. In this instance the desk has been transformed into a dynamic spatial object in tension with the straight walls of the space it occupies. The tensile stresses require the desk to be constructed in a malleable and ductile material. Bringing together clever engineering and hand craftsmanship, all the components of the metal body are structural as well as functional. The flat plane of the desk is folded to support itself at one end while seemingly resting on a stack of drawers at the other end. The rotating drawers are cantilevered around the spine which performs multiple functions of a support, a pivot and a cable management system connecting a floor point all the way up to the desk surface. An malachite letter and pen holder completes the design.”

Newton Console by Boca do Lobo

This strange cluster of glossy, black and gold spheres is an apple inspired table “Newton Console” by Tinto-based design company Boca do Lobo. The table is ideal for living rooms and hotel lobbies with a modern aesthetic. Made from aluminum and covered with a high-gloss varnish, the table reflects light and pretty much anything surrounding it crisply, adding an extra dimension to this baroque-à-la-mode console. “We design for surprise,” says Boca do Lobo’s CEO Amândio Pereira. And that’s true!

Volcane and Lagune Coffee Tables by Bellila

Design studio Bellila have created Volcane and Lagune, coffee tables that feature built-in gardens. “Volcane is a table with a strong mineral character, which proposes a subtle dosage between function and aesthetics. Lagune is a sober and general-purpose table, which can welcome easily a landscape, a Zen garden, or a pond with fishes.” Take a look!

Archipelago Tables by Emmet Rock

Archipelago I and II are the names of two stunning tables created by Emmet Rock. The first is composed by two stones placed on a glass table which is held up by dark metal frames. The second, instead, comprises of a singular large stone wrapped around a glass table. These delicate arrangements between stone and glass oppose a notion of modern design, the one defined by clean lines and ambiguous notions of simplicity. It begs the viewer or user to question aesthetics through unconventional forms and shapes.

Fall-Off Table by Sam Stringleman

Today we want to show you very interesting design concept by industrial designer from New Zealand Sam Stringleman. "Fall Off is a computer generated table in which surface density is defined by the placement of objects on a virtual table through a web interface. As a virtual object, for example a laptop or coffee cup, is moved around on the table, the epicenter of the structure follows. This forms supporting density on the top surface and structural form on the underside which accommodates splayed legs. The surrounding density is controllable through a digital falloff, representing a gradual decrease. With the addition of more objects the density increases to a state of equilibrium with just enough structure to perform the required task but move it and it will Fall off."

Toroid Table by OL! Os Loucos

Brazilian architect Luciano da Silveira Araujo and industrial designer Marcelo Alves, partners and directors of OL! Os Loucos created really interesting Toroid table. “The Toroid table plays with the concept of symmetry and asymmetry, its shape creates illusions of perspective and a new design every move is viewed. Its original and registered form is obtained through mathematical logic, classical geometry and parametric modeling, and a little production secret.” Take a look!

Original Voltaire Desk by Paco Camús

This stylish and elegant writing desk was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus. Paco’s Private Collection consists of many interesting and creative interior furniture items and Voltaire Desk its latest update. "Our designs are born apart from new trends. What is not in fashion cannot go out of fashion". Take a look!

“Six Tables on Water” by Gaetano Pesce

Today we want to pay your attention to exhibition of renowned Italian designer Gaetano Pesce at David Gill Gallery in London “Six Tables on Water”. Each piece conjuring the surface, depth and density of six expanses of water – oceans, lagoons, rivers, lakes, ponds and puddles. The limited edition table collection takes an imagined aerial views of each represented landscape, where they reflects on features such as steps leading up from the Venetian lagoon.

Nautilus II Table by Marc Fish

Take a look at the second edition of Nautilus Table created by Marc Fish. “Nautilus was born in an environment of artist freedom: an experimental piece that has embraced modern computer aided technology and combined it with innovative constructional techniques. The layering of over 4000 individual pieces of walnut and sycamore veneer has created the logarithmic spiral found within the Nautilus shell. The proportions of the Nautilus shell never change, no matter how large their growth: these proportions follow the classical order of the Golden Ratio. A more perfect form might not be found. This perfection commonly found in nature is often the source of Marc’s inspiration. The table has a texture which replicates the outside of the shell, created by hand carving the fluted growth patterns. Inside a satin sheen has been created which runs smoothly round into the chambered area replicated in Japanese lace paper.” Have fun!

Creative picNYC Table by Haiko Cornelissen

The creative picNYC Table is a fun project by Dutch designer Haiko Cornelissen. “The picNYC table is fully made out of high-end light weight aluminum that is cut, folded, bolted and welded together by an American manufacturer specialized in aluminum products. Beside grass, other plants or materials can be installed. One alternative has been white stones – see images. Only for the NYC area we provide one free grass installation upon delivery.” Take a look!

Creative “Fusion Tables” by Matthew Robinson

These creative tables called “Fusion Tables” were created by Matthew Robinson for his final project while studying furniture making at the Leeds College of Art in England. “Solid wood tables manufactured by hand in American Walnut and Maple. An almost cartoon-like appearance brings a sense of fun into an everyday piece of furniture.” Do you like them?

Ballet-Inspired Giselle Lounge Table

Russian designer Anna Neklesa under impression from the Russian ballet dancers has created the Giselle low lounge table. The table top is made of steel or powder-coated aluminum and the legs are made of painted oak wood. The low table also offers storage space for news papers, magazines and other small items in the storage tubes beneath the top. Creative and unusual design. Take a look!