Surreal 3D Typography Project by GRAZA

We’ve already shown you many interesting typography projects. You can check them here. This typography project was created by art studio GRAZA located in Lima, Peru and it requires a surreal look in kind. It is one of those endeavors which each design studio should tackle to create ideas in addition to push the bounds of what you can do with software. GRAZA, founded by Mirko Cuculiza at 2013, concentrates on art management, 3D illustration, and character style.

Furry Alphabet by Bernat Casasnovas

We’ve already shown you a few examples of creative typography – you can check them here. And today is the right time to surprise with another one. “Furry Alphabet” is a series of 3D letters created by talented 3Dgraphic designer from Paris, France Bernat Casasnovas. Unusual, creative and really strange alphabet! Don’t you think?

Nature Inspired Typography by Valérie Hugo

These nature-inspired screen printed letters are the work of French illustrator Valérie Hugo. In her detailed letters, you’ll find not only birds, fish, and other animals but also flowers, leaves, feathers and much more. Her simple colour palette makes the details of each letter stand out, and we love her intricate technique. See the full collection on her website or head over to her online shop to buy the prints for €35 each.

Around the World with Type

Two design students from India Rigved Sathe and Payal Jagwani created this pretty awesome project where they take you around the World with type. Each letter stands for a different city around the world. “We intend to take you on a journey into the exciting world of graphic design, enchanted by some of the most beautiful destinations. Our thirst for travel had us going crazy with colors, images, letter forms and exploring the depths of experimental type. We present to you “Around the world with type”, a shout out to all the beautiful places and people out there!”

Villa Moerkensheide by Dieter De Vos Architecten

Villa Moerkensheide was designed and built by Dieter De Vos Architecten in De Pinte, Belgium. It’s a very spacious residence with a total living space of 306 square meters but the most interesting thing about it is the way it was organized. The house was built in the center of the plot and was designed as a series of three cubes around an equilateral triangle. This allows it to be perfectly symmetrical. Three gardens surround the house and each one is intended for a specific time of day. At the center, where the cubes meet, the architects designed three large arched windows which seem to form void at the ground floor. The windows stretch across the walls and reveal the three gardens. They each have a glazed central door. The living area has an open floor plan and is filled with natural light. The large arched windows connect the interior spaces with the gardens and also help define the spaces. The ground floor houses the dining area, the seating area and the work area. Placed at the center of the ground floor, where the three areas meet, a spiral staircase serves as the main focal point for the entire floor. Built around a twisting spine, the staircase disappears through a round opening in the ceiling and leads to the upper floor. The upper level doesn’t feature the same type of arched windows. In fact, daylight is quite limited here and only gets inside through perforations on the end walls and in the ceiling. This level is a private zone containing spaces such as the bathrooms, hallway, the guest room and bedroom.

Takayuki Ogawa’s 3D Oral Alphabet

Horrific, eerie, frightening, and strange… Graphic designer Takayuki Ogawa has created “Oral:phabet” – a grotesque, three-dimensional typeface modeled after the mouth, frozen in time while enunciating each letter. Ogawa designed the English alphabet with inspiration from emotions, as was the motivation for his graduating thesis from Tama Art University. He says, “In email we use the letter D to create the smiling emoticon :D. But what if we gave similar attributes to letters like B or N which are never used as expression forms?” The result, as you can see is a disturbingly realistic serious of mouths, lips, teeth and tongues, all hand-crafted from clay and mounted to a wooden frame.

Shocking Typography Series by Studio Kerozen

Studio Kerozen comes up with some of the most incredible designs and image special effects we have ever seen, but this typography created by their art director JC Debroize almost defies description. JC designed this unique type to use for their own brand name, and it definitely stops viewers in their tracks. The type was created by Debroize starting with clay samples formed to make the letter. He then added flesh, hair, and eyes from photographs taken of the staff at Kerozen. The results are shocking. The letters clear skin pores, hair, and eerie eyes are a combination of shocking and hilarious.

New 3D Typography Designs by Chris LaBrooy

And again we want to show you some new works of talented graphic designer Chris LaBrooy. As usual his typography art works are highly professional executed and look interesting. This time check 3D sneaker lettering design and cover illustration for Time magazine for their cover story on the renaissance of American manufacturing. Have fun!

Creative Typography by Txaber

In today’s post we’ve gathered some examples of creative typography by designer from Spain Txaber. Below you can find tube type, sculpture type, paper and vacuum packed type. Each type is unique and excellently executed. You can check it by yourself. So don’t waste your time and jump into the post! Have fun!