Funny UHO Mug – Perfect for Morning Coffee and Great Mood

Upstairs Shop was formed in 2013 by Product designer Pavel Sidorenko and graphic designer / ceramist Maria Sidorenko. “Our aim is to create functional and playful products that retains its simplicity, interacting with the space and user. To create not only incorporate pragmatic necessity, but also transmit an emotional quality within the everyday environment.” They have created this creative collection named “Uho”. “Uho” translates from Russian to “ear”, the body part has been interpreted as the handle for the series of playful mugs used for your daily hot drink! Simple, and available in black or white, each piece is hand-made using the highest quality porcelain.

Innovative Apple iCup Concept

Tomislav Zvonari─ç, designer, illustrator and 3D artist from Canada, created an office coffee cup concept design called Apple iCup. An apple-shaped mug which sits on small heating plate, keeping your coffee enough warm as long as you need while you work. This eye-catching coffee mug connects to your computer via a USB cord, feeding your caffeine-addiction and also your brand loyalty. The cups are available in three colors of white, black, red and green. The idea at the moment is still in concept stages. Functional and stylish, the Apple iCup comes with a saucer and a coffee spoon.

The Coffee Break by Amidov for Monkey Business

A coffee cup shaped sugar bowl divided into two, convenient for serving different sweeteners and for raising a smile. Made of ceramic. “The Coffee Breaks birth as a product lies at the end of a relatively unconventional design journey. From 2011 onward we produced a series of studio works, consisting of sectioned ceramic table ware such as tea pots, coffee cups, plates and vases. Ceramic vessels were sourced from the local flea market and with the aid of a gem-cutters saw, the vessels sides were cut away leaving only the center most portion of the vessel. The outcome had an almost two-dimensional existence, free of volume, devoid of the ability to contain, they were almost a graphic representation of themselves. These works were shown at several galleries and museums as a kind of ‘designers studies’.”

Creative Creature Cups

Today we want to show you a great idea for the gift. Some are friendly and furry, and others look poised to snap you with claws or wrap you with tentacles – you never know what you will find at the bottom of these coffee (or tea) mugs. The exterior of each one is conspicuously identical and unassuming, so for guests come to visit for the first time, the shock will definitely catch them off guard – for those in the know, though, they will still always get a little surprise with their final sips. Take a look!

Creative Ceramic “Treasure Mug”

Use this mug to fool your friends. Even if it’s not All Fools day. Since this creative ceramic coffee mug looks like it actually sunk into table. Called "Treasure Mug" it costs $15 and available in two colors: white and brown. Despite its strange look this mug is fully functional. If you want to buy it you can do it here.

Elegant Ceramic Tea Service
from Undergrowth Design

This elegant tea service by Tina Tsang of London design brand Undergrowth Design is called Blaue Blume. It features a pair of legs that stick out of the ceramic objects, forming handles and spoons and consists of teapot, milk jug and tea cup all with legs for a handle, a cake stand, plates and a sugar bowl in the shape of a bathtub. Some of the items have an inscription on them, inviting you to use the object.

Warm Set of Heaters “Brr”

It’s November already and it’s time to prepare for the winter. This warm set of heaters called “Brr” is especially prepared for cold, winter days. Heater “Brr” is made out of wool and does a few actions at the same time: insulates hands from the hot cup, keeps the heat and warms frozen hands. There are also two silicone band inside the heater to prevent it from sliding down the cup. Such intersting idea belongs to designer from Poland Beata Faron.

Dietary “Slim Cup” from Sharona Merlin

This cup reminds us of the dietary, where everything that is forbidden – chocolate, ice cream or coffee – should be considered as luxury, preferably in minimum amount. The cup looks quite normal, with some angle of view, but if you look from a different point – it almost disappears. The author of this Slim Cup is Sharona Merlin, a student of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design from Israel.

Morning Coffee with Zero Gravity

There’s no better way to enjoy a morning coffee than to drink it from a cup Zero Gravity from the Japanese inventors. This cup is not simple, it comfortably balanced at an interesting angle when at rest , as it were at zero gravity, but then it’s filled – sadly stands straight perpendicular to the table. Also it shows a graph of ideal trajectory of love.

Smilecup of Coffee

Want to cheer yourself up in the morning. Then start your day with coffee served in this cheerful cup. Set is fully consistent with its name – Smilecap. Colors in this set will only paint your joy. This joyful set was created Ukrainian studio Psyho and is now available for sale. Also don’t forget to check our ultimate collcetion of creative mugs.