Mirage: A Suburban House From Mirrors in California Desert

Perched at the juncture where the San Jacinto mountains open into the Coachella valley in California, artist Doug Aitken has erected a ranch-style suburban home covered entirely in mirrors. Titled Mirage, the house appears like an inverted kaleidoscope, reflecting everything from the sky above to the surrounding mountainous desert, not to mention visitors themselves. The structure was created as part of Desert X, an outdoor art exhibition comprised of pieces by over 15 artists that remains on view through April 30, 2017. Mirage will remain up a bit longer through October 31, but has somewhat irregular hours so be sure to check the schedule before visiting.

Colourful Flowers in Utah Deserts Captured by Guy Tal

The Badlands region in the American West is famous for its arid and unforgiving landscape, which is decorated by sharp and eroded spires of stone. If you catch it at just the right moment and in the right conditions, however, these apparent wastelands can give birth to an extraordinary explosion of color and life in the form of beautiful wildflowers. For the patient observer, like photographer Guy Tal, there is a delicate beauty that reveals itself only so often. “On rare years,” says Tal, describing his series of photos taken in the American West, “wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for just few precious days.” The reason, apparently, is that vegetation in the region has adapted to the climate. With just a tiny bit of moisture the desert can transform into a colorful garden of bright purple and yellow.

tresARCA Desert House by assemblageSTUDIO

assemblageSTUDIO designed the tresARCA house as a layered structure where the materials develop as a mass as you go from the basement up, much like the layers of the earth. The materials change with each layer giving the home a diverse mix of textures that reference various rock formations. The top floor is encased in a mesh screen that is decorative and acts as protection from the harsh desert sun. The home is designed to let the residents live both indoors and out with large windows and doors that open up to let the interior expand to the outside. Exterior courtyards were created in different spots with shade incorporated to protect from the hot sun. I’m loving the swinging sofa and embedded fire strips that will keep you warm when the sun goes down. The gourmet kitchen features various sized glass tile laid out in a random pattern going up the entire wall behind the stove.
Take a look!

California Desert House by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

It seems that to live in a desert is a very popular direction. Not so long ago we’ve shown black desert house and beautiful desert villa and today we want to show you the Desert House by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg. Just a stone’s throw from Joshua Tree National Park, the Desert House stuns with its array of cast-concrete slabs that cover the home in a way that’s both ancient and futuristic all at once. It took about a decade for Kellogg and designer John Vurgin to complete after they were commissioned by artist Bev Doolittle and her husband to create something spectacularly unique. From the parasol in the dining room made of some 800 pieces of sandblasted glass to the master bedroom’s self-standing bronze washing basin, the Desert House is a piece of art that doubles as a home. And because of that, it costs $3 million.

Beautiful Desert Villa

The project was then brought to life by Studio Aiko through 3D computer visualization. Weinstein Vaadia Architect’s general brief was to create a peaceful and calm surrounding in which the villa is located. "The Desert Villa is our first try to merge the magical scenery of the desert with a modern architecture of a villa. We took the idea a step forward in somewhat mysterious feel which is defined by the soundtrack choice, the quick editing and the camera angles." Take a look!

Stunning Landscapes by Patrick Hamilton

Let us show you amazing landscapes by talented photographer from USA Patrick Hamilton. Wondeful desert pictures from Algeria, stunning ices in the Alaskan wilds, magical Rapa Nui photos. Take a look! And you will love them!