Round Workspace – Emko Pill Wall-Mounted Desk

When it comes to space efficiency, it doesn’t make much sense to choose a circle as the shape of a cabinet or a worksurface. But you surely haven’t seen this Pill Wall Mounted Desk. The Pill Wall Desk is designed by Lithuanian-based Emko, a furniture and home accessory design company that takes inspiration from the intersection of Northern Scandinavian, Western European and Eastern Russian cultural spaces to create products for the modern home. Multifunctional and stylish, the desk aims to provide the cure for cluttered living spaces while also offering an innovative way of creating a compact workspace. The round cabinet can be installed on a wall at any height, to suit the needs of the owner. Its interior features display and storage spaces, with an adjustable shelving system and sockets. Thanks to its ingenious and adaptable design, it can be used as a working desk, bar, storage space, or bookshelf. Available here in white with a white or black back, the Pill Wall Desk also comes in black, blue and yellow.

Modern Desk Connects Urban Users With Nature

This thoughtfully designed desk created by Heinrik Ng Chak Kwan was made in response to our modern disconnect with nature. It aims to reintroduce the wild world outside the city to urban users first by changing the typically flat surface to one that mimics a natural landscape. Flat working platforms are designed to be placed on top of the artificial environment so the user is free to arrange to fit their needs to a certain extent. Just like in the real world, the layered design simulates the structure of the earth crust. For example, the working platforms are designed in certain proportions to the table surface, 5%, 10%, and 20%, just like the proportion of urban development. In turn, the user is reminded of the city’s footprint in nature and not the other way around!

The Narcissus Desk by Sebastian Errazuriz

Designer Sebastian Errazuriz continues his reign of creating unforgettable functional pieces that double as sculptures which also make you think. The latest is The Narcissus Desk, a desk that will let you gaze at your reflection all day long. The desk’s inspiration came from a Caravaggio painting of Narcissus that Errazuriz remembers seeing with his father, an art teacher, as a child on a trip to Italy. The painting made him think about the idea that someone could stare at their reflection but not necessarily be aware that they were looking at themselves. In today’s times, with everyone’s obsession with selfies and being “our own perfectly edited online self”, we tend to forget about the real person that exists outside the screen. The desk offers the user a moment of reflection, where we spend most of our days and tend to make the most important decisions in our lives. Errazuriz found a broken French desk from around 1880 and completely restored it. He then cut a semi-circle out that lets the user fit inside the desk. The top is now a mirror letting you take a moment to reflect on yourself and your life, and perhaps the occasional good hair day.

Torque Desk by I M Lab

London-based Alessandro Isola & Supriya Mankad from I M Lab have designed the Torque Desk. “A twisting take on a traditionally formal product. In this instance the desk has been transformed into a dynamic spatial object in tension with the straight walls of the space it occupies. The tensile stresses require the desk to be constructed in a malleable and ductile material. Bringing together clever engineering and hand craftsmanship, all the components of the metal body are structural as well as functional. The flat plane of the desk is folded to support itself at one end while seemingly resting on a stack of drawers at the other end. The rotating drawers are cantilevered around the spine which performs multiple functions of a support, a pivot and a cable management system connecting a floor point all the way up to the desk surface. An malachite letter and pen holder completes the design.”

Tomas Kral’s Homework Desk

Switzerland-based designer Tomas Kral has come up with this unusual buy yet very practical Homework Desk. Made from cast aluminum sandwiched between two sheets of ash, it contains a sort of gutter that runs around three edges. Rather than being for drainage, it’s meant to store desktop items, so no drawers necessary. "Is a work table which has been set to be even more functional: an aluminum cloth is placed on a wooden table when folded to form a refined extension, a toolbox to store documents, objects, photos … that you need or simply desire to work. The tiled surface enables you to lay down open books and continue reading." Take a look!

Original Voltaire Desk by Paco Camús

This stylish and elegant writing desk was created by Valencia-based designer Paco Camus. Paco’s Private Collection consists of many interesting and creative interior furniture items and Voltaire Desk its latest update. "Our designs are born apart from new trends. What is not in fashion cannot go out of fashion". Take a look!

Concrete Desk Accessories “Solid”

There is a huge range of desk accessories in modern office life but for sure you haven’t seen before desk accessories from concrete. The following collection called “Solid” and created by London designer Magnus Pettersen consists of tape dispenser, pen pot and tray. The pieces from the series are cast by hand at Pettersen’s studio in Stoke Newington. Complete set costs £65.

Modern Aviator Wing Desk
from Restoration Hardware

We’ve already shown you stylish Aviator Chair inspired by World War II bomber planes. And again Restoration Hardware amazes us by newest Aviator Wing Desk. This time the furniture item was inspired by streamlined World War II fighter planes. The desk is a “shining swoop of metal, its shape mimicking the bent wing of a plane. Poised as if for take-off, it features a polished aluminum patchwork exterior accented with steel screws, built around a solid hardwood frame. Three canvas-lined shelves offer ample storage.” If you enjoy planes you definetely should pay attention to such furniture!

Beautiful “Wave” Desk

Today we want to show you unusual desk "Wave" designed by Georgia-based designer and craftsman Robert Brou. The design of the Wave includes standard two tower with folders but the rest is amazing. Using new “Slice” technique Rebert created beautiful desk carved as a random wavy pattern in the form of layers. Each of the layers has a three by four inch tall reveal, which eliminates the need to pull the drawer. The final design looks awesome, but probably designer didn’t think what to do with dust…