Emotional Digital Paintings by Lente Scura

Lente Scura is a digital artist who uses photo-manipulation and digital painting to create emotive digital paintings of subjects struggling within emotional states and dream-like environments, taking the viewer on an emotional journey through visually striking digital compositions. Filled with dramatic anguish, each figure appears to be struggling with the complexity of emotions. As the human forms melt away into a confusing blur of reality and dreams, there is a haunting presence of imminent death within the life of each figure. Each work is composed of a process of photo-manipulation and digital painting to show the figure struggling to survive in a sea of sorrow. To convey the emotional message, the artist focuses less on the details and more on the energy that emanates from the canvas, inviting the viewer to reflect on the intense suffering and emptiness surrounding each delicate form.

Dramatic Digital Landscapes by Yuri Shwedoff

Moscow-based artist Yuri Shwedoff composes dramatic digital landscapes with dark and dystopian themes, often illustrating science-fiction like fantasies that merge technology and biology. The illustrations are defined by outdoor environments, portraits, and urban and suburban settings that are familiar yet strangely surreal. Distorted mountains bearing cavernous, mechanical voids work alongside an image of a boy surrounded by angry wolves and an adventurer who meets a dinosaur in a desolate space. Each of the images are characterized by an ominous quality given shape through the use of dark colors, deep shadows and expressionless faces.

Stunning Digital Paintings by Murat Sayginer

Murat Sayginer is a visionary artist who works in the fields of art photography and computer graphics, and is also known as a digital artist, filmmaker and composer.Born in Prague in 1989, Murat Sayginer studied in Paris during his childhood and graduated from Lycee Charles De Gaulle high school in Ankara. He got involved with photography in 2007 and won several international awards. In 2008 his works were selected for “IPA BEST OF SHOW” exhibition in New York. In 2010 he was awarded Emerging Talent of the Year in the Worldwide Photography Gala Awards. He published his first short film “Ratio” in 2013, his second film “Volans”, his third film “Zodiac – Evolution” and his fourth film “Attraction” in 2014.

Anna Dittmann’s Ethereal Portraits

Anna Dittmann is a 21-year-old digital illustrator from San Francisco with a passion for enigmatic portraiture. Her paintings are a sight to behold: ethereal portraits inspired by nature that look like they’re watercolor or ink, but are in fact digital masterpieces. “I began taking painting more seriously when I discovered Photoshop around age 13. A lot has changed since then, but I still have that childlike excitement every time I see and create art. I have a love for nature, biology, and portraiture which are recurring themes throughout my work. Ethereal and atmospheric moods have always appealed to me because the sense of mystery they evoke, so I tend create soft pieces with a combination of graphic and realistic elements. My inspiration comes from organic natural elements, mythology and history, movement and texture, lyrics and melodies, expressions, color variations, pretty much anything which makes me want to grab my tablet and paint!”

Surreal Paintings by Cyril Rolando

Cyril Rolando is a hobbyist digital painter from France and loves the universe of Tim Burton and Hayoa Miyazaki. Beginning using only an art website called Oekaki and his computer mouse, he spent two months experimenting with and learning digital painting techniques. He then realized that if he wanted to continue to develop as an artist he must upgrade his instruments and began creating his artwork using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet. Still pursuing his studies by day, Cyril worked to recreate photos and how to create his own surreal worlds where any fantasy or story was possible. His work has continued to evolve, growing into the beautiful unique style you see today. The elements of his paintings contain just the right detail and texturing to bring the viewer into his bizarre surreal worlds. All of these paintings and more are available for purchase at Curioos.

Stunning Digital Paintings by Corrado Vanelli

Corrado Vanelli is an extremely talented digital artist living and working in Italy. He discovered computer graphics around the mid 90′s. After some experiments with 3D modeling he decided to work only with 2D painting because its the best way for him to expand and concretize his ideas. His artwork are really brilliant. Don’t pass by and make sure to check them. It’s worth it!

The Futuristic World of Ian McQue

Talented artist Ian McQue lives in Edinburgh and works at Rockstar North Ltd. He took participation in such projects as GTA, The Lost&Damned, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Liberty City Stories, Vice City Stories, GTA: Chinatown Wars etc. He has been working in this industry more than 17 years. And today we invite you to take a look at the dark and beautiful future shown on hand painted pictures by this digital illustrator. Enjoy!

Digital Art by VityaR83

Ukrainian artist Vitaliy Ratushnjack hidden under the nickname VityaR83 is the author of the following stunning art works. Vitaliy was born in 1983 and has already gained fame and popularity of the Internet. His art work remind fairy tales and fantasy world of surreal paintings of unimaginable worlds. Perhaps you’ve seen some of them earlier but you definitely have to check this interesting collection of surreal paintings. Have fun!

25+ Best Space Scene Photoshop Tutorials

Digital space art is one of the most popular and beautiful type of art nowdays. Created by talanted artists stunning space scenes amaze us by its creativity and greatness. Why not to create your own? Here we have collected best space, planet, explosion and nebula Photoshop tutorials that will give you information and illustration to the steps in creating space images. They will show you different techniques and absolutely stunning ideas. At the end of the post you will find extremely beautiful free web template inspired by space theme. Hope this collection will inspire you! Have fun! And don’t forget to check our post telling about free website builders.