Cifu – Urban Delivery Drone

Delivery drones become very popular nowdays. And the matter isn’t only in Amazon. Recently German postal company Deutsche Post adopt the PostBOT delivery assistant. That’s why drones concepts, like Cifu by Matteo Gentile, the urban delivery drone are very actual. Packed full of sensors and designed to tackle anything in its way, the Cifu is an aesthetically pleasing drone from any angle. Given the curvaceous design language of the Cifu, it’s hard not to see similarities in design language here with the SMEG home appliances. The Cifu was carefully thought out and configures a smartly layered effect of features, broken up by different materials/colors. The bottom consists of LED lighting strips and four reinforced aero wheels while the battery pack is then located on the undercarriage. The central grey section contains the antenna and also the proximity sensors located on the front of the drone. The top section is the most excitable one at that, housing the front and rear cameras, the side message screen, and the clean open/close cover to the drone itself.

Solar Powered Eagle Eye Drone

The Eagle Eye drone is a tricopter packed with powerful technologies to give wilderness rescue teams a birds-eye-view of the landscape below. For hard-to-reach areas and treacherous terrain, it uses a cocktail of cameras, sensors and integrated artificial intelligence to know the topology of the field. Solar powered pylons keep the drone recharged so that it can work autonomously, scanning the ground daily to map track changes due to rain, falling trees that block paths, and the overall growth of vegetation in the area. This way, rescuers are always aware of the best routes and familiar with the territory in order to make the most effective rescues.

BIKI – The First Bionic Wireless Underwater Drone

In the past 10 years drones have gone from being a crucial piece of military technology to a mainstay in almost every photographer’s tool kit. Now, with products like the Biki Underwater Drone, we may be seeing this in-air filming equipment make its way to the Seven Seas. This submarine can get as deep as 196 feet underwater, and thanks to its stabilizer, 150 degree wide angle lens, and two 114 lumen lights – you’ll be able to capture all of the underwater world in its natural glory. Built for the ocean, this submersible mimics the shape and movement of fish so it can move through the water without drawing much attention to itself from other wildlife. That means you can capture 4K Ultra HD video without interrupting life below the surface. Unlike with aerial drones, piloting this vessel is easy thanks to an included remote and integrated app that feeds you real-time footage as you navigate the depths of your local bay or backyard pool.