Concrete Watches by Dzmitry Samal

Let us show you a series of watches with frames made of concrete. The author of this limited edition collection is Paris based designer Dzmitry Samal. The watches are partly made of concrete using a patented technology and are “Megapolis inspired”. Each timepiece is realized by hand in Switzerland in a limited edition of 100 pieces. "I chose concrete, a noble, modern, honest and robust material, the stuff our megapolis are made of. My watches tell the story of an alliance of French creativity and Swiss technical performance, innovating in a field that has never been explored in watchmaking before." Price for these unique watches is 980-1240 Euros. They are available only through pre-order and will be delivered at the end of November 2012. Take a look! And don’t forget to check the list of the most luxurious watch brands for men.