DP-2 – Wireless Earphones by Dotcom Creation

The looped silhouette of the DP-2 by Dotcom Creation is unlike any other traditional in-ear or over-the-ear headphones in both form and function. Bucking convention of other wired or wireless earphones, the DP-2 sits just within the vicinity of the ear canal, hanging and held in place by the shape of the human ear, allowing the listener to be audibly cognizant of their surroundings while listening to music or other audio. Designed by the former head of Creative Product Design Taipei at Sony Mobile Communication, Jun Katsunuma’s obsidian loop earphones design offers the appearance of the bottom half of the Mac Command key separated from the whole. Each closed loop opens up with a twist, designed to be worn attached to the ear like hoops earrings. The all-black design is a darker, more ornamental counterpart to the now-ubiquitous and arguably more tech-conspicuous and all-white Apple Airpods. On the ear the DP-2 offers all appearances of jewelry rather than a portable audio accessory. Debuted recently at the 2018 CES Asia, Dotcom Creation DP-2 was presented as a conceptual design with other portable audio devices of similar fashionable spirit, right alongside other ventures under a different moniker, revealing the breadth of the company’s design interests. ANd don’t forget to check 3D-printed lab 2 titanium earphones.

3D-Printed Lab 2 Titanium Earphones

S-Next, a Japan-based boutique premium audio gear manufacturer, has designed and developed Lab 2, a new set of earphones encased in a Steampunk styled 3D modeled Titanium exterior. Unique and super stylish, the titanium case of these earphones also improves the distribution of high frequency sounds coming out a 15 mm dynamic driver, with the back of the driver being also made of titanium for improved low frequency audio experience. The mesmerizing housing was specifically designed to emulate a gap between the ear canal and the sound source, and then the 3D printed titanium is eventually refined, thanks to a proprietary chemical treatment, adding gloss and the ultimate smooth touch. Only 200 units of the Lab 2 earphones will be ever made, on sale from October 22, at 450,000 Yen ($4,300). This make Lab 2 the most expensive pair of 3D printed earphones on the market.

Eco-Friendly LSTN Headphones

LSTN is a startup based in West Hollywood, CA. They produce unique, eco-friendly headphones with top-quality sound that are individually handcrafted from reclaimed wood with acoustic properties that outperform synthetics. Their collection consists of earbuds (The Bowery), on-ear (The Fillmore) and over-the-ear (The Troubadour) headphones handcrafted from reclaimed exotic beech, cherry and ebony wood inlays. Prices vary from $50 to $150 – you can buy them here. And each pair of LSTN Headphones sold helps restore hearing for a child in a deaf school. Take a look!

Headphones Collection by Ferrari and Logic3

If you like Ferrari and want to own something special under this brand then take a look at the new audio collection of collaborative line between the Italian automotive brand Ferrari and Logic3 audio producers. Now the iconic look and recognizable style of Ferrari is clearly visible in the world of audio gear. Collection includes nine headphones and four speaker docks across two series: “Scuderia”, whose models mirror the look of Ferrari “F1” racing team, and “Cavallino”. All headphones of both lines feature patented “Thin film acoustic technology” (“TFAT”), which achieves a passive dynamic-balancing system for increased fidelity, wider frequency range, and deeper bass. Just exhibited at CES 2012, most headphones and earphones are expected in april of this year. Check both collection here.

Molami’s Luxury Headphones “Pleat”

Molami is the brainchild of industrial designer Maria von Euler. And today we want to show you the Pleat: a headphone that complements the bone structure of the face – framing your look. “Pleat is an over-ear headphone encased in napa leather and designed to accentuate the lines of the face. It folds and rotates allowing for maximum wearability and safe storage. Pleat’s closed design incorporates noise isolation and its sound provides low-distortion, allowing you to focus on your music. The bass is deep and articulate, and the mids and highs are natural sounding and clear. These headphones are suitable for a multitude of musical genres.” You can buy the Pleat for €400. Have fun!

Skullcandy Inspired Earphones
by Catherine Wong

These Skullcandy inspired earphones by Catherine Wong look like the human bone joints. But it’s not just for unusual and stylish look – these joints provide flexibility in adjusting the earphone for a perfect fit. So additionally to modern earphones you’ll have your personal ideal earphones! Great idea!