Detailed Drawings Showing the Harm We’ve Done to Earth

Today we want to show you really interesting series of paintings called Yin Yang and created by McCann Worldgroup, India. “Yin Yang is a result of the same kind of belief and thought process. Everyday natural disasters and environmental hazards triggered the observation that the state of environment is imbalanced. Hence the idea – “Bring back the balance’ was born. To visually depict it, I used the popular Chinese symbol “Yin Yang”. The symbol describes the state of balance between two opposites with a little bit in each. I wanted to explore this irony that exists between the symbol and the present state of environment.

It was quite a time consuming campaign. Before starting off, I invested a lot of time in doing research regarding the factors, causes and reasons behind different kinds of environmental pollutions. It was followed by a number of sittings with the illustrators in my team to finalize the style and scale of detail of the artworks. The rough sketches were done for more than a month by me and 2 illustrators. The original illustrations were hand drawn on wall sized sheets. I tried for as much detail and reality as possible. The illustrations were then painted with watercolors, photographed and digitalized. The last leg of the campaign involved the laborious task of retouching. It was pretty challenging to keep the synergy of earth colors (green and blue) intact while bringing forth the black and white of Yin Yang in the artwork, at the same time. It took the team more than 6 months to draw & paint and 3 months to retouch the whole project keeping in mind every single object in it. Now, here is the final result in front of you and it seems now the effort was worth all the time.”

Colours of the Earth by Bernhard Edmaier

Geologist Bernhard Edmaier always had the interest to natural phenomenas and this interest initiated the begining of a new field of activity. After receiving the certificate of the Guild of photographers in Munich, he went to travel to untouched corners of the globe. During 13 years of activity as a photographer Bernhard traveled all over the world – from Alaska to New Zealand. An aerial view Burkhard makes photos of different inaccessible places, the existence of which many are not even aware.

Spectacular “Space Bowls” by Sebastian Errazuriz

New York-based Chilean artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz made planets closer and smaller than you think. His spectacular series "Space Bowls" features Earth, Moon and Sun. Small scale food plates with photographic planetary prints of the Sun, Moon and Earth. Made in partnership with Kikkerland, these designs for the dining table are a cool backdrop for sci-fi inspired lomographs. Fantastic art work! If you want to buy these bowls you can do it here fo $25.

Help Mother Nature to Fight Back

Recently there have been created a lot of social advertising and much of it encourages to care for nature. And yet sometimes it’s need to protect nature from devastating human action. At the featured below advertising posters by Prowildlife is depicted such a call – “Help mother nature to fight back”. Look and think!