Wayaland Floating City By Lazzarini Design Studio

Throughout the annals of recorded history, man has always dreamed of making the ocean his domain. Architect Pierpaolo Lezzerini’s fantastic vision of a buoyant city on the water mixes Mayan and Japanese architectural influence to create his concept Wayaland, a remarkable vision of a future, afloat. From Lazzerini’s imagination springs a luxury watery community, equipped with everything that a small populace needs, including shops, restaurants, bars, spas, gyms, tennis courts, a movie theater, and even a casino.

Underwater Eco-Village Plans To Recycle Rubbish Into ‘Seascrapers’

Belgian architect Vincent Callebaut developed plans for an amazing oceanic city built out of recycled rubbish. This futuristic building proposal extends 1,000 meters down into the depths of the sea, and plans to be made entirely of 3D-printed plastic waste materials. Named for a species of bioluminescent jellyfish, this fictional city goes by the name of Aequorea. The architectural concept serves to highlight our current situation of dwindling natural resources as well as the overwhelming need to clean up our waste-filled oceans.

Solar Energy Powered Socket by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh

We’re always looking for new eco ways to get an energy and the following device developed by Kyuho Song & Boa Oh offers it. Called “Window Socket” it’s a direct plug socket that uses solar energy. Simple in design, the plug just attaches to any window and does its job intuitively. At the moment it’s just a concept and we have to wait till this extremely useful device will be mass produced. Take a look!

Modern Eco-Friendly Furniture by Shiner

Created by Joe Manus under the brand Shiner modern eco-friendly furniture surely will rock your imagination. Created for relaxation awesome rocking bed and chair can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors. Why it’s eco-friendly? Joe says: “It is our goal to transform tons of landfill-destined materials into killer design. upcycling the past. Everything from our steel, hardwoods, and cardboard to our lexan and linen is diverted from the incinerator. Our vision has become contagious and led to strategic partnerships with refuse and recycling leaders.” Take a look to the unique, modern and earth friendly Shiner’s furniture and you definitely will like it!

Eco Friendly Stickers by Hu2 Design

Today we’ll show you creative stickers “Eco Reminders” from design studio Hu2 Design. These stickers are eco friendly for two reasons. Firstly, they are made of “pure” materials – vinyl tape without chlorine and adhesives from natural substances. And, secondly, these stickers teach people to care of nature through the energy savings. Indeed, stickers “Eco Reminders” are just to glue them around the sockets. On these stickers with a fair amount of humor and irony is shown that electricity is not taken out of nowhere. Its receiving – is a complex process that requires enormous physical, technical and financial costs. They all clearly show us the origin of the electricity and why it should be appreciated.

“Credo E-Bone” Eco Concept for Public Transport

This interesting concept of eco bus “Credo E-Bone” was designed by Hungarian designer Peter Simon. This zero-emission bus runs on hydrogen fuel cells and lithium batteries to add sustainability to the public transportation. Powered by four in-wheel electric motors “Credo E-Bone” carries its power sources on its roof. The shell of the bus has been made from lightweight composite plastic that resembles a skeleton structure. Such lightweight construction makes the concept energy-efficient. Hope soon such eco bus will be significant part in eco travel.

Eco Printer Concept

If you have scraps of pencils and eraser and a great desire to save paper and thus save the forest, then this concept is for you. Pencil Printer created by designer Hoyoung Lee is not only for printing text, but also for its erasure. The trick in this concept is to use graphite extracted from scraps of ordinary pencils instead of toner. The printer has two “exits”. First one is for printed pages, the other one theoretically is for blank pages. Quite unusual eco concept.

Help Mother Nature to Fight Back

Recently there have been created a lot of social advertising and much of it encourages to care for nature. And yet sometimes it’s need to protect nature from devastating human action. At the featured below advertising posters by Prowildlife is depicted such a call – “Help mother nature to fight back”. Look and think!

Pangoline Backpack from Cyclus

There is columbian company Cyclus which transforms used trucks tires into stylish accessories such as bags or backpacks. Undoubtedly the brilliant in their collection is backpack Pangoline also created from used rubber. Designers of Cuclus were inspired by one of the most unusual mammals on the planet – Pangolin. And the same name was given to this backpack.

ZeroHouse – Fully Automated House of the Future

Continuing the theme of the last post – about the sources of alternative energy – today we will tell you about the new concept of eco house designed by american architect firm Specht Harpman – ZeroHouse. It is interesting not only for its unusual appearance, but also by the fact that it is fully automated, and can exist completely independently, without depending on outside sources.

Moon Inspired

In previous post we’ve told you about Water Building Resortbeautiful hotel inspired by the drop of the water. This time we will represent you a few eco concepts of buildings inspired by the form of the Moon. These building were developed by different design studios espesially for Muslims contries.


In one of the previous posts we talked about Lilypad – floating eco-city. But it will be created no earlier than 2100. This concept is much more closer. In March 2010 is scheduled to begin construction of the first floating apartment complex in Europe. And it will happen in Holland. Project of Waterstudio – Citadel – this is a kind of attempt to reconcile with the enviroment, to begin to live on the water, not only near the water. Each apartment will have an excellent view over the water, and some of them – the place for small boats. For connection between Citadel and the land will be created a bridge.

Glastonbury Solar Tent from Orange

Excellent conceptual idea for the lovers of hiking. English mobile operator Orange has recently presented their vision for the tent of the future. Well even it was just tent it could be purchased at least for a stylish appearence. But it has enough benefits. This miracle tent made from photovoltaic fabric capable of storing solar energy (an excellent replacement of cumbersome photovoltaic panels!). Subsequently, with the help of this energy you could charge mobile devices – just put them in a special pocket. The tent is equipped with LCD-screen as well. Also it’s very convenient to look for a tent in the dark or in a large tent camp – you just need to activate it via sms or RFID-technology, and a tent will light up with a soft yellow light.

Water Building Resort

Water Building Resort by Orlando De Urrutia, is a sustainable building of postmodern generation (hitech), it was designed architecturally and inspired by the form of a drop of water when falling from the heights.

Living in a Shell – Nautilus House

This amazing house was build in 2006 by Arquitectura Orgánica. A young couple with two children from Mexico City who after living in a conventional home wanted to change to one integrated to nature. The goal of this project was to make it feel like an internal inhabitant of a snail, like a mollusk moving from one chamber to another, like a symbiotic dweller of a huge fossil maternal cloister.


Romania-based designer Stephen Shepeleff has developed Bluetooth headphones called "Q-SOUND" that generate power directly from the sun. He combined solar cells with Wireless Stereo and named his creation of Q-Sound. The Q-SOUND headphones represent a type of on-ear, headband design with incorporated flexible amorphous silicon solar cells. Capacity battery should be sufficient for 40 hours of work in the music. In this one hour of charging from solar panels to provide up to 2.5 hours of operation at maximum volume levels. The Q-SOUND is a Bluetooth headset which could be used with any Bluetooth-enabled device such as digital audio player/MP3 player.


According to the less alarming forecasts of the GIEC (Intergovernmental group on the evolution of the climate), the ocean level should rise from 20 to 90 cm during the 21st Century with a status quo by 50 cm (versus 10 cm in the 20th Century). As a solution to this alarming problem architect Vincent Callebaut came up with this ecotectural marvel. He called this project “Lilypad“, but this ecotectural marvel is also called as “Floating Ecopolis for Climate Refugees”. The idea of Lilypad Project is to create a series of floating self-sufficient ocean-going eco-city islands. Each one would be able to house 50,000 residents and would support a great deal of biodiversity. Collecting pools located in their centers would gather and filter water for use on board. These would be places for adventurers and refugees alike as water levels rise around the world and threaten many, particularly island, habitats. Vincent Callebaut hopes that Lilypad will make the transition from design to reality around the year 2100.