PowerVision PowerEgg Camera Drone

Judging by the looks of most drones, building one that looks like an egg seems a little counterintuitive. Yet it’s that exact shape that makes the PowerVision PowerEgg Camera Drone different. Thanks to the design, each of its four arms and rotors is able to retract back inside the shell for easy transportation, as are the four legs, which fold upwards so as to not block the view of the gimbal-mounted, 14 megapixel 4K camera. Arrives with a traditional dual-stick controller, as well as the Maestro gesture-based controller that’s ideal for beginner pilots.

Slovenian Easter Egg Art

Slovenian Franc Grom crafts beautiful, lacelike sculptures into egg shells, inspired by traditional Slovenian design. Each egg contains 2,500 to 17,000 tiny holes made with a small electric boring tool. Grom calls his ivory shelled masterpieces Easter eggs. Grom’s attention to detail accentuates the eggshell’s delicate nature, creating fragile vessels that light up from within. Check out the breathtaking ornaments below!

Living in an Egg – blob VB3

We’ve already shown you houses that were inspired by shells: Caribbean Paradise – Conch Shell House and Living in a Shell – Nautilus House. This time an egg was chosen as the inspiration. This interesting project was created by architectual design studio dmvA from Belgium. The goal was to create mobile office for Xfactoragencies. After painstaking work architects get neat little house in the form of egg. Despite its small size this mobile house has everything that might need in ordinary life: kitchen, bathroom, bed and even a lot of niches to storage a stuff. Also blob VB3 has two way out: standart one on the one of the side of the house and not so standart at the nose that can be opened automatically. Because of its small sizes this “egg house” is easily transportable.

Futuristic Lommo Bed

If you’re interested a comfortable sleep, then pay attention to this fantastic bed from Lomme. Manufacturers of the bed position it as “the most relaxing, protected and natural place to restore energy”. Reminding an egg this bed equipped with the latest technology solutions.