Retro Vispa eBike

The Vispa eBike by Luca Lazzini combines a bit of nostalgic appeal with modern e-drive tech, breathing new life into the Piaggio brand. The little, green, baby brother to the Vespa, the Vispa pays homage to the original style with retro details and lighting as well as swept side cover fairings. For all its classic flavor, it seamlessly integrates a few distinct modern twists. The frame and seat come together in a unique arc that extends back and above the rear tire. From here, the seat is both stabilized and made flexible to adjust the seat with just the push of a button located near the handlebars. The e-drive system allows users to enjoy short range fully-powered trips or extended rides with pedal assist. With the power system neatly tucked under the arc and seat, it’s able to maintain a true retro aesthetic almost indistinguishable from vintage cruisers.

Klever X E-Bikes

Klever Mobility is a German company with a noble mission to bring car drivers on board the e-bike revolution and make the daily commute as green and healthy as possible. The Klever X range, introduced recently at the Eurobike 2016 show and set for a 2017 launch, aims to make this goal easier to accomplish as it offers a selection of four bikes that combine style, performance and innovative features in one. Featuring the company’s own Biactron rear drive system, the bicycles are more powerful and reliable as well as quieter than most electric bikes with a central motor system. The noise level is under 50 dB, which makes the Klever X bikes almost silent, for a more relaxing riding experience on city streets or scenic roads. The battery, electronics, gear cables, and brake cables are all integrated in the stem and frame to create a clean, minimalist design. Users can easily adjust various features via a Bluetooth-enabled LCD display, while a custom app provides access to an electronic anti-theft function and a serial number that links the bike to its owner. The range includes four models, designed to suit various needs and preferences. X Commuter is a 10-speed bike with a rear rack, X Raw is a single-speed model, X Limited Edition has Formula CR3 hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon front fork, while the X Speed model is designed with a 600W motor that can reach 28 miles per hour.