Casa V by Estudio 6 Arquitectos

Casa V is a project completed by Estudio 6 Arquitectos in 2014. Located in the Asia District of Peru, the home covers an area of 3,229 square feet. Located in the first row of the beach La Jolla, this house manages to open strategically on the main focal point : the lagoon. The housing is configured to be used in both summer and winter and is divided into 3 levels. The building starts on the third floor, the social area, which is entered from the boardwalk, the terrace and then descends: at the secondary level are the bedrooms and has a rear entrance from the street formed by a Republican door and a cascade of stone, this area is a source of natural light and ventilation. Finally, below the basement with a private use. The kitchen with an island inspired by a boat mast to achieve comprehensive social area through a sliding screens with organic shapes that play with the furniture in the house. In the basement the beach-style changes with a more urban, you get a submarine hatch behind which has an LCD screen that serves as the seabed. A pool table , bar and TV room all about English subject. The facades are composed of white aluminum tubes located vertical and horizontal timber , which generate a composition of tones and volumes with the use of white walls and microcemento .