Modern Electric Fireplace ‘In Frame’

Fireplaces might just be the perfect method of creating a warm, homely and cozy atmosphere within a room, but it’s fair to say that some apartment’s or house’s décor just doesn’t welcome the conventional fireplace. "In frame" by Young Gyu Kwon is a modern take on the traditional fireplace and it aims to connect the past and the present through carefully considered design. The elegant frame that surrounds the circular central section has been designed to be rotational, allowing it to be easily adjusted. This frame also creates an area to hang basic laundry, so it can dry. In frame’s flexibility doesn’t end there, the user has the choice of either hanging it on the wall, so it mimics the location of a traditional fireplace, or having it freestanding in the center of the room. Whichever option they choose, it will be sure to make for a stunning addition to the room!

Cozy Tabletop ‘Flame Vigo’ Fireplace

Take a look at cozy Vigo tabletop fireplace completing those lazy, cold winter days. The piece’s dual stainless steel burners run on Moda Flame ventless ethanol fuel, so no electricity, gas, chimney, or gel cans are needed. Glass panels on both sides provide a full 360 degrees of fire visibility. The Moda Flame Vigo fireplace is not designed to heat but more rather a decorative small fireplace. However, it does produce 3,900 BTU’s of heat as it is a real flame fireplace. If you like it – you can but it here.

Louvre – Modern Fireplace In The Form Of Iconic Glass Pyramid

Inspired by architect I.M. Pei’s great glass entrance to the world famous museum, bioKamino‘s new Louvre fireplace is a modern alternative to the traditional hearth. The chic floor fireplace features a minimalist aesthetic, echoing the simplicity and understated elegance of the Louvre’s iconic pyramid and Parisian landmark. A frame—available in either black or white – connects four panes of clear glass to form the pyramid structure. Its innovative, all-around glass construction also enables a unique 360-degree view of the fire. Like all of the company’s fireplaces, the Louvre relies on bioethanol – “an energy source of plant origin that belongs to the renewable energy family.” It features a real flame that produces heat without the soot and smoke of a traditional chimney, and does not produce any unpleasant aromas. The Louvre model is also a floor fireplace; it does not need to be installed, and is completely portable, which means it can be placed anywhere at anytime. With its simple yet sleek design and its focus on sustainability, the Louvre is both a versatile statement piece and a compact (and cozy) addition to any room.

BaseCamp – A Campfire For City

BaseCamp by Justin Chang is inspired by the three-bar structure used and favored in camping for its simplicity and functionality. By drawing from a mixture of traditional and modern designs, it allows adventure lovers to bring a hint of the outdoors to city life and provide illumination for daily tasks at hand. By utilizing a combination of machined aluminum and hidden mechanisms and electronics, BaseCamp provides a structural and seamless design that can equally fit on an office table and a tent floor.

Portable Pizza Oven Cooks A Pizza In Two Minutes

When Finnish-born Kristian Tapaninaho decided to make pizza at his London home, he had a problem…his domestic oven couldn’t achieve the authentic wood-fired taste Kristian desired. His solution was to design a portable pizza oven made from brushed stainless steel, that heats up to 840°F (450°C) by burning 100% oak wood pellets. Within 10 minutes of lighting, you can cook a pizza in less than 2 minutes.

Trea – Premium Alcohol Stove by Michael Kononsky

The Trea by Michael Kononsky is a compact alcohol powered stove that is ready for the go. Ideal for the urban outdoors, this stylish 3-logs-fire-inspired appliance adds a touch of glam to your romantic evening. Crafted from poles of stainless steel and processed with Milling router, milling cutter filled with soaking material and stainless steel wire net, the stove is foldable and compact and definitely not clumsy!

Futuristic Contemporary Fireplace: Mvtikka by Nuvist

Take a look at this this contemporary fireplace design recently completed by Nuvist. The studio’s remarkable fluid shapes and powerful modern language strikes again, this time to provide house owners with a futuristic addition. Proving that a cozy ambiance can be well provided by a highly modern source, the team at Nuvist unveiled yet another interesting creation. “Of course the main inspiration for a fireplace design is the flame and so we have also done it like that. We have made connections between natural and simple curvilinear lines of fluid fire waves to create the design. Simple fluid lines transforms into continuous dynamic surface for a fireplace which has been envisioned for all kind of contemporary and classical interior spaces”.

Bio Ethanol Fireplaces by Vauni

Today we continue to show you elegant bio ethanol fireplaces. This time this is Globe collection by Sweden company Vauni. Globe is a flueless designed fireplace that combines tradition with classic form in a modern interpretation and will enhance any modern outdoor or indoor scheme. Whether free standing or elevated by a foot, this fireplace can be easily rotated 360 degrees for optimal enjoyment. Globe is designed by Markus Grip and is available in two variations; cast iron with a matt finish or polished black granite. If you want to buy this fireplace – visit Vauni.

Cocoon Fireplace by Federico Otero

Let us show you interesting Cocoon Fireplace by Federico Otero. The cocoon fireplace series present an updated model of the classic modern fireplace. Its simple design makes it suitable for almost every interior. It burns smoke-free ethanol which needs no flue. Coocon Fireplace can rotate 360 degrees and it comes in black or stainless steel with varying pole heights to accommodate your ceiling. Take a look!