Floating Sauna Houseboat Saunalautta

Saunalautta is a floating sauna houseboat that is now available for rent in Finland. Built out of recycled wood, the raft features a bedroom with four bunks, and a hot steamy sauna on the lower level, on the top level you’ll find a rooftop observation deck, a barbecue, and hammocks, making it the perfect place to unwind on the water with friends. A small outboard motor is used to power the vessel.


In one of the previous posts we talked about Lilypad – floating eco-city. But it will be created no earlier than 2100. This concept is much more closer. In March 2010 is scheduled to begin construction of the first floating apartment complex in Europe. And it will happen in Holland. Project of Waterstudio – Citadel – this is a kind of attempt to reconcile with the enviroment, to begin to live on the water, not only near the water. Each apartment will have an excellent view over the water, and some of them – the place for small boats. For connection between Citadel and the land will be created a bridge.