Playful Photos of Polar Bears Playing in Flower Fields

We rarely see polar bears outside of a snowy Arctic environment, but these bears are no strangers to having fun in the summer! In a rare series of images by Canadian photographer Dennis Fast, these white giants are seen frolicking in a field of fireweed. The photos were taken in Northern Canada’s Hudson Bay, near lodges run by Churchill Wild in Manitoba. Fast explains his fascination with polar bears in this interview excerpt. “It’s not just their color that makes them a favorite target of my camera. They have a slow, ambling gait as they drift about looking for anything that moves. It looks like they don’t have a care in the world, and that there is nothing they are afraid off. It’s not arrogance, exactly, but a quiet confidence that we often respect in humans and that translates well to the polar bear.”

Colourful Flowers in Utah Deserts Captured by Guy Tal

The Badlands region in the American West is famous for its arid and unforgiving landscape, which is decorated by sharp and eroded spires of stone. If you catch it at just the right moment and in the right conditions, however, these apparent wastelands can give birth to an extraordinary explosion of color and life in the form of beautiful wildflowers. For the patient observer, like photographer Guy Tal, there is a delicate beauty that reveals itself only so often. “On rare years,” says Tal, describing his series of photos taken in the American West, “wildflowers burst into stunning display of color, transforming the desert into a veritable garden for just few precious days.” The reason, apparently, is that vegetation in the region has adapted to the climate. With just a tiny bit of moisture the desert can transform into a colorful garden of bright purple and yellow.

Elegant Elkebana by Fabio MIlito + Paula Studio

The term ikebana refers to the ancient Japanese art of arranging floral elements in harmonious compositions, and it’s the conceptual basis for the playful product known as Elkebana . Imagined by designer Fabio Milito and brought to life in Paula Studio, it’s a trophy for plant lovers. Two glass-blown tubes are mounted on a birch wood base and hold a variety of flowers, branches, bamboo, and more. You just need your imagination to bring Elkebana to life! The design is reminiscent of hunting trophies, where an animal’s taxidermied head is proudly displayed on a similarly-shaped plaque. Elkebana transforms this idea by inviting people to instead make their own colorful creature and “horned friend.” Best of all, you can continuously change the floral arrangement and tailor it to your needs or room decor. Elkebana is currently available to purchase through the online design retailer Crowdy House.

Handmade Jewellery with Real Flowers

Khrystyna is the founder of Ruby Robin Boutique, an online shop featuring wearable keepsakes from real flowers. Her hand-crafted jewellery is designed to allow the quiet beauty of nature to shine, to stir the imagination, inspire wonder in small things and encapsulate a microcosm of forgotten memories. She also loves making personalized keepsakes pieces, so if you have an idea for a piece you’d like to have made, perhaps with a scrap of your mothers bridal lace, a flower from a bouquet or even a strand of hair from a loved one, then get in touch so she can make something beautiful for you!

Flower Masterpieces by Pieter Wagemans

Pieter Wagemans was born on 11 August 1948 in Merksem, close to the city of Antwerp, Belgium. From his youth Pieter has always been able to express himself spontaneously through the artistic gift that he probably inherited from his father. Even from his early years it seemed likely that he would develop this gift further. As a variation on still life, in recent years Pieter has developed his specialized talents in flower compositions. The fine painting of flowers demands considerable discipline, because the passing of time is an important challenge. A flower is always changing. To capture the moment, Pieter bypasses the use of underpainting and paints each flower in turn, "alla prima" until the painting is finished. Sometimes he needs a whole day for each flower, other times only a few hours. Often the flower compositions never existed in reality because the flowers were painted one by one over several weeks. Take a look at these stunning flower paintings!

High Speed Liquid Flowers by Jack Long

At first glance, these incredible images look like still-life portraits of flowers. But far from being drawn in the traditional way, they are created by photographing fast-moving droplets of paint as they fall through the air. Artist Jack Long, 53, spends months painstakingly planning and testing each work before capturing them with a high-speed camera.

Amazing Flowers of Carol Cavalaris

Today we want to show you amazing paintings of Carol Cavalaris. “I live in the middle of a forest in the high country of Colorado. It is the wild beauty of my surroundings that inspires my digital paintings of wildlife and nature. Painting wildlife and nature, color and detail, are my passions. I have a fine art background in oil painting, however I really enjoy the freedom of the digital medium as it stimulates my imagination and offers so many exciting possibilities. I explore art programs, like Photoshop and ArtRage, still using brushes to paint, but now the computer screen is my canvas. Some of my art is painted entirely in Photoshop. Other work is a blend of reality and fantasy as I combine photo sources and painting techniques to create my unique mixed medium images that I call living art.” Take a look!

1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken by Ottmar Hörl

Zweibrücken in Germany is known as the City of Roses since located there The Rose Garden of Princess Hildegard of Bavaria grows more than 60,000 roses of 2,000 varieties. Inspired by this fact German artist Ottmar Hörl created a massive public art installation entitled “1,000 Roses for Zweibrücken”. For one month, 1,000 plastic red roses have been arranged in a visually striking grid-like pattern on the ground. The artist says, “Above and beyond its symbolic power, the rose thus becomes a ‘social sculpture’ in the sense of a stimulant for communication.” The flowers averaged about 12 inches wide and were offered for sale as a memento of the memorable installation.

Beautiful “Flower Love” Photos by Oer-Wout

Today we want to show you beautiful photos of photographer from Netherlands aka Oer-Wout. There are many talented artworks among his photos but today we will show part of his "Flower Love" collection. In this post you will find really stunning photos but the main attention was given to tulips and it’s so obvious for inhabitant of Netherlands. Have fun!

“Floating Garden” by Gabriella Asztalos

Hungarian designer Gabriella Asztalos has designed modern collection “Floating Garden” which consists of metallic baskets for plant. But not ordinary. They are made to make plants appear as if they are floating through the air filling up spaces that are usually left blank and thus offering a unique 3D effect to any room that they are placed in. It would be perfect for modern kitchen. Take a look!

Creative “Bloom My Body” Vase

Here is another example of creative vases similar to WIG Vase that we’ve shown you some time ago. Created by Niels van Eijk and Miriam van der Lubbe the person-shaped vases “Bloom My Buddy” allow to create endless number of original creations with flowers, leaves and stems! Originally commissioned by the Flower Council of Holland, the larger design has been downsized for a home version. The smaller one measures 45 cm, is made of rotation molded polyethylene and has 98 holes. The larger version measures 120 cm, is made of hand laminated polyester and has 298 holes. Take a look!

Creative 90° Vase by Cuatro Cuatros

Cuatro Cuatros 90° is a creative vase that displays an intriguing geometry. " Is this an impossible triangle? The interposition, orientation and perspective create a contradiction of the space that makes us perceive something that is not. It comes from the Penrose experience. 90° is a vase that, based on a drawing, has been converted to a geometrical shape with volume. Depending on the point of view, both ends coincide and make it look like a closed figure. " Take a look!

“Father Nature” by Mariano Testa

Let us show you interesting photoshoot called “Father Nature” by Mariano Testa. By the first glance this combination of masculine bodies and gentle flowers is quite unexpected. But the goal of Mariano was to show the flora in each continent. Take a look and tell us what do you think about it.

Unique Porcelain Flower Vase – FlexVase

It’s pretty hard to have different vases for different bouquets. And sometimes it’s a problem. But Dutch design label vij5 provides creative solution: porcelain vessel FlexVase. It consists of of a base part with three different inserts, that can be exchanged to adapt the vase according the height or size of the bouquet it holds. Simple and yet stylish design and absolute universality make this vase desirable stuff in each home.