Flying Home “Wolke 7” by Timon Sager

Do you remember comfortable trailer home “ProtoHaus”? This time we will show you another way how you can travel. The designer Timon Sager offers to travel in very unusual way – in the sky. He created home concept Wolke 7 that perfectly blends a flying structure with a comfortable home. –°reative blend of dirigible and modern house. The flying fortress looks like it was brought straight from the future. Take a look!

Luxury Hi-Tech “Flying Yacht”

This stunning concept of superyacht created by French interior cabin designer Yelken Octuri and called “Flying Yacht” will allow you to change your location much more faster then ordinary yacht thanks to its design. Designer has devoted his energy to furthering ship & marine equipment technologies. It’s a trimaran sailing yacht with four additional engines. Also this 46-meter luxury yacht contains four mobile masts which transforms into wings by the clicking of a button. So it’s full of latest technology and modern ship and boat components. Flying Yacht has two main decks including a lower deck with a gallery and main salon and an upper deck with three cabins. By his own words Octuri was inspired by the existing superyacht “The Maltese Falcon.” It has a good chances to become one of the most expensive luxury yachts in the world.