Fictitious Dishes by Dinah Fried

Dinah Fried is a designer, art director, and amateur table-setter. Dinah prepares food that appears in classical literature, such as “To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee and “Oliver Twist” by Charles Dickens. After careful table appointments she photographs a served table. And as a result you can immerse yourself in a fiction for a moment. Take a look!

A Tribute to Budgie – Food Art of Anna Keville Joyce

Food illustrator & food stylist Anna Keville Joyce see a food in her plate under unusual angle. And perhaps it’s very similar to Hong Yi, his Creativity with Food project we’ve shown you some time ago. Anna’s project entitled “A Tribute to Budgie” represent a series of plate illustrations that are made up of 100% food elements. Enjoy the photo gallery below!

Hyper Realistic Food by Luigi Benedicenti

Today we want to show you amazing example of hyper realistic painting. Featured below pictures aren’t photographs but paintings. Their author is Italian artist Luigi Benedicenti. Born in 1948 and at the moment Luigi lives and works in beautiful Italian city Turin. On his painting you will see cakes, fruits, ice cream. And you will feel hungry for sure! Because these pictures look so realistic! Take a look!

“Looking Inside” Project by Ryan Matthew Smith

Ryan Matthew Smith is a commercial photographer currently living in Seattle, shooting worldwide. The following set of photos from photographic project “Looking Inside”. And Nathan Myhrvold produced a stunning new cook book titled: Modernist Cuisine: The Art and Science of Cooking that comes with a lot of beautiful photographs of food from this project of Ryan Matthew Smith. Take a look!

Pairing Series by Kyle Dreier

It is generally agreed that for each type of food exist perfect type of drinks. And Nashville based food photographer Kyle Dreier decided to show how to compose them ideally. In the project called "Pairings Series: Food & Drink…and String" he composed perfect pairs of food and drink. And if you don’t know or doubt what to choose for your dinner take a look at this series and you will know!

Picturesque Foodscapes by Carl Warner

At first glance, the following images look like painted landscapes, including towering hills, picturesque houses and stormy sea in the background. But if you look more closely you will see that the stormy sea was made of cabbage, trees are broccoli or celery and the hills are freshly baked bread. These aren’t paintings but true photos! And everything you can see in the photo is made of real food! Pictures were created by London photographer Carl Warner who made specialty of these food landscapes or how I like to call them “foodscapes”. In recent years he has been commissioned by many advertising agencies throughout Europe to produce his distinctive images for clients in the food industry.

Food Art Inspiration by Den Cretu

Food gives not only vitality but also inspiration. Talented Romanian artist Dan Cretu inspired by various fruits and vegetables created a great collection of objects design with food. Edible art works have different forms, look like animals, human faces, cameras, bicycles, motorcycles, and many different and familiar objects. Take a look and hope you will like them!

Dessert Pantone Tarts by Emilie de Griottes

French food designer Emilie de Griottes for a special feature in french culinary magazine Fricote developed dessert tarts that recreate Pantone colour swatches. Berries, carrots, lemon, candies, and other foods are arranged upon a tart base, whose bottom is iced in white and marked with the pantone colour represented. You can find recipes for making the tart in Fricote issue number 6 (2012). And meanwhile take a look at this collection of desert tarts.

Food Carving Photos by Ilian Iliev

Today we want to show you big collection of stunning examples of food carving. All photo in this collection were created by food photographer from Manchester, United Kingdom Ilian Iliev. Take a look and you will certainly enjoy both incredible food carving and great still life photos. Have fun!

International Breakfast from Oliver Schwarzwald

Our life is full of stereotypes and we tired from them. But sometime it could be interesting. Like this project of German photographer Oliver Schwarzwald. In one shoot he combined various food that could describe breakfasts in different countries. And looking in these photos we can easily guess what country he meant without reading titles. Apart of idea execution of photos are exellent as usual. Enought to remember other work of Oliver featured on our site – Creative Posters for Atlas Estatest.

A Matter of Taste

What will happen if you combine footwear or accessories with food? It will be not only stylish, but tasty collection. And if you can not imagine how it will look like, then you simply haven’t seen works of photographer Fulvio Bonavia. In 2008 Fulvio published his book "A Matter of Taste" with the conceptual photos on the theme "Food as Fashion". The most improbable that all the tasty accessories of Fulvio Bonavia – are real! Author by his own hands made models from food for each shot. Unfortunately, all his creations were too short-lived. But it was nice to know that the items captured in photos are the work of human hands, not of the ubiquitous Photoshop. The idea of the author is : “If you do not want to eat it – wear it!” Pictures excite taste buds and sense of style.

Knitted Food by Ed Bing Lee

Philadelphia artist Ed Bing Lee has been perfecting his knotting artistry for over 25 years and now is able to create practically anything using basic macrame knots. For example art pieces that look like food. He gathered them into "Delectable series". Look at them and you’ll be suprised by talent of the artist! Also don’t forget to check Delicious Rings from Japan.

Delicious Flags

In second weekend of October it’s going to be much-awaited World Chef Showcase Weekend in Sydney where will gather together biggest culinary stars as well as chefs from some of the best restaurants in the world. Timing to this food festival were created numerous delicious prints in the forms of flags of countries-participants and in this post we will show you them. Bon appetite!