Footwear of the Future by Shift Studio

The latest from Monterrey-based SHIFT design studio, the “F1” marks the designers’ first signature sneaker silhouette. Not to compare immediately, but it’s aesthetically akin to familiar styles like the Adidas Prophere or Nike Air Trainer 3. Unlike the aforementioned, however, it features four modular construction that allows the future wearer to get it on the action as they can pick and choose custom elements in the shoe’s construction. Signature elements of the deconstructed design include a futuristic layering of straps, robust midfoot paneling, a monocoque vamp, and custom buckle system that completes the locked-down look. ANd don’t forget to check TOP 20 most expensive shoes in the world.

Architectural Footwear In Jayda Hany’s Connector Collection

Footwear designer, Jayda Hany, started off aspiring to be a womenswear designer, but her aspirations changed while studying architectural engineering The American University in Cairo. It was in school that she started to realize the close connection between footwear design and architecture – she had, “always viewed the shoe as a moveable, small-scaled structure.” After finishing at the American University in Cairo, she went on to study footwear design at the London College of Fashion. The transition from architectural engineering to footwear design was a big one, but she quickly noticed similarities between the two design processes, “I realized that footwear design and architectural/structural design are exactly the same regarding the design process – the research, the detailing, etc. The only difference would be the scale.” Hany’s Connector collection points out something we often forget about shoes – their main function is to hold our weight. Her use of non-glamorous screws, rivets and 3D printed plastics screams, “this is how I was made” to the wearer. Highlighting the making process in a final design is something not often seen in the footwear realm, so this in-your-face take on the subject is refreshing. And the shoes are even attractive! “Connector is inspired by the Truss structural system, which is a cross-braced system consisting of a joint that connects truss members repetitively. All of the red pieces in the shoes represent the joint – they are 3D printed in order to have ultimate accuracy. The joints are then reinforced with stainless steel rods that utilize tensile and compressive forces to bear the weight—just like a Truss would do in a building – to achieve maximum durability. I used clear acrylic platforms that are cut on a CNC machine to achieve transparency, so the user can view how the shoe is composed. I intentionally used non decorative screws and rivets to emphasize the functionality and industrial look of the collection.”

ATOSSA 3D Printed Footwear by Behrad Ghodsi

Atossa is a stunning 3D printed footwear by designer Behrad Ghodsi. “Atossa is the new generation of 3D printed footwear, designed only for you and your feet. Atossa is about style, comfort and quality. Atossa started as the idea for redesigning industrial and social systems that deliver the products to us. We thought of getting help of 3D print technology to develop customized products. Our goals were to minimize the waste of matter and energy and increase people’s involvement in the design process.” The shoe design isn’t random. It takes inspiration from our own body’s bone micro-structure. Making it sturdy, no matter how frail it looks. The shoe is designed in a way that supports all the pressure points of the foot in a way that is good for you. Each shoe is bespoke. The Atossa app allows you to send the designers pictures of your foot and have them construct shoes best suited for your wear. You can also customize the way the strap goes around your ankle, virtually giving one design multiple avatars. And just when you thought the shoe design couldn’t be more well-planned, the 3D printing uses a material called PLA to build the shoe. An organic plastic that can bio-degrade. Having said that, these heels definitely reach newer heights; and makes sure you do too!

Creative Footwear by Kobi Levi

Last year Israel freelance footwear designer Kobi Levi has aleady amazed us with his extremely creative footware. You can view these models in our post Amazing Footwear from Kobi Levi. But Kobi doesn’t stop! This time it’s impressive interpretations of birds into fine leather footwear for women. "Birds series" consists of three hand-made high-heeled shoes. Unusual and for sure worth your attention. Take a look!

Amazing Footwear from Kobi Levi

Israel footwear designer Kobi Levi courageously blends the boundaries between fashion and art while creating every pair of shoes. Each pair is a complete sculpture. He invented a “bilateral” boots, flip-flops from the peel of bananas, sandals-slingshot and shoes-dog. If you’ll decide to wear such shoes you’ll not be unnoticed! It’s a truly amazing shoes!