Ford Earth Roamer XV-LTS Off Road Expedition Camper

Adventure starts where the asphalt ends, and if you are behind the wheel of the Earth Roamer XV-LTS, comfort will follow you wherever you go. This modified commercial duty Ford F-550 made by the Colorado based company Earth Roamer boasts a hefty V8 Turbodiesel engine that pairs with a 4-wheel drive system to take you anywhere you want. Engineered to operate as a stand alone adventure vehicle without water, power, or sewer hookups, you can literally pilot the XV-LTS as far and wide as you wish. For reliable power while out in the sticks, the top of the main cabin features large solar panels that deliver electricity to the four 8D sized batteries. When those batteries are fully charged they boast a ridiculous 255 amp hours of energy – making it so the cabin with bedroom, full bathroom, and kitchen will never go without power. Weather outside nice enough to BBQ? Just pop open the back storage boxes and heat up the grill. Each vehicle is built to order – as a result the wait time can be up to a year. Looking for something similar – check Toyota Hilux Expedition V1 Camper.

Comfortable Mobile Office by LimousinesWorld

Here is a mobile office designed by LimousinesWorld – for the rich, successful people whose work requires constant presence, as well as those who like to travel in comfort. Mobile Office SUV is ideal for working in the road during the long-distance trips and traveling, and being in a car, you can work on your computer, use the Internet, watch TV. There are also work desks, large comfortable chairs, floor and ceiling lights, two 7-inch screen, DVD and stereo, and bar. And enough space inside for the reception of visitors. This exclusive office you can make based on the Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes GL, Lincoln Navigator, Infiniti QX56, or Ford Expedition.