5 Unusual Floating Objects

Sometimes architects surprise us with really unusual ideas. And not just with extraordinary architecture forms but also with unusual places for their creations. We think you would agree that open sea is very weird place for swimming pool or skate ramp. But these objects do exist and in this collection we’ve gathered a few unusual floating objects to show you. Take a look!

Spectacular Forrest Landscapes by Nelleke Pieters

Nelleke Pieters is a young Dutch photographer, as well as a member of the DeviantArt artistic community for five years now. She takes great passion in photographing nature and forests. Her walks through innumerable forests look like wonderfully atmospheric fairytales, each with a different narrative simply because of the hour at which the pictures were taken or the effects she used to post-process them. Nelleke Pieters definitely knows how to capture the spectacular beauty of what’s all around us. So let’s take a walk through and see these misty and yet beautiful forests!