15 Best Free Mobile Apps for Your Phone

The era of mobile apps has enabled smartphones in ways that were never imagined. And the proliferation of technology into the hands of the masses has led companies to develop apps that are convenient, useful, and time-saving. Intellectsoft company, for example, has developed over 300 custom projects and perhaps you’re using one of their product at the moment. However, more often than not, really functional and bug-free applications usually cost you a dime, and there are hundreds of free apps that will cause more confusion than convenience. So, whether you’re a user that is constantly on the move, or confined to a desk or sofa, here’s 15 of the best free mobile apps that you can install on your phone to lead a more productive and convenient lifestyle. And while free apps don’t always make the cut, these cool apps are definitely worth downloading onto your Android, Apple, Windows or Blackberry smartphone. Also you can check other our post that might be useful for you – 15 Best Free Website Builders.