The MOTA SmartRing

It’s not necessary to constantly check your phone if it’s much easier to check your finger! The MOTA SmartRing wirelessly connects to your smartphone and updates you only on the notifications you want, right at your fingertips. Powered by Bluetooth LE, it uses an LED touchscreen to keep you up to date, combined with subtle vibrations to let you know when you’ve received a notification – from text messages and incoming calls, to Facebook and Twitter alerts. Available in midnight and pearl white, the MOTA SmartRing will always keep you updated in style. Price tag is $99.99 and the ring will be available for sale in June 2015.

Cicret – Futuristic Android Bracelet

Although the first prototype isn’t yet ready, as the developers are still raising funds, the Cicret bracelet promises great things. Wearable technology is becoming big, and Cicret aims to go even further than existing technologies. As you can see in the video below, the device is a bracelet which uses proximity sensors and projects an Android interface onto your skin, allowing you to use your phone in situations where holding the device would be inconvenient or impossible.

Kinetic Cellphone Concept for Nokia

British designer Jeremy Hopkins took cellphones to a new level and created unique concept of the phone. His phone called Nokia Kinetic converts digital information into kinetic energy and make receiving a call, text message of email more visual. It has an electromagnet at the base which allow to shift the weight and keep it in an upright position. User checks the screen of the phone and if he wants to miss a call he should simply give a phone a tap, causing the phone to fall back down again and return back to standby mode. "Aimed at the business user, Nokia Kinetic is an unique phone that responds to notifications trough movement".

Samsung Proxima Concept from Johan Loekito

This stylish concept isn’t so simple as it looks at the first glance. This is LED wristwatch and phone at the same time. It was created by industrial designer from California Johan Loekito. As it was noticed in description of device it is a collaborative project with Samsung Design America created in fall 2009. The slogan of this project – you’ll never lose your phone again. Open the post and you’ll know how it works.

Steampunk Memory Keys from back2root

For creating such unusual memory key in steampunk style you would need some wood, a few old pocket watches and a lot of talent and creativity. All featured bellow memory keys were created by artist from United Kingdom under nick back2root. The corps of USB drives were made out of different types of wood: Ebony, Padauk and even such exotic wood as Tiger Myrtle. The creation of each device took up to 12 hours and up to 8 old pocket watches. The beautiful results of such hard work you could see below. Enjoy!

Acer Ferrari Smartphone Special Edition

Acer for fans of brand Ferrari created a mobilephone based on Liquid E. The device is in daring bright red corporate colors of the Italian brand and with a powerful filling. The phone has a large touch screen 3.5-inch, 5-megapixel camera, and “under the hood” of novelty lies one of the most powerful mobile processors Snapdragon. Special edition features a bright red corp with the familiar shield of Ferrari, surrounded by a strip of carbon fiber; a microphone, designed in the style of the air intake of “Formula 1” car, as well as special screensavers, wallpapers and ringtones. There was nothing reported about the price of the device, but you can be sure logo of Ferrari on the corp will cost you enough.

Norio Fujikawa Spider Robot “Kanibot”

We’ve already told you about creative robot which looks like spider – Privat Robot: Croww 540. And today we want to show you another one. Concept of robot spy was represented by designer named Norio Fujikawa. The machine resembles a spider, it moves using legs instead of wheels that allows it to freely choose the direction of movement, as well as to overcome any terrain that may be useful when it comes to spying. To maximize the surveillance robot equipped with a powerful camera for making photos and video in high definition. Additional Kanibot is equipped with motion sensor that activates the machine at any suspicious activity and with two-way radio to connect with operator.

15 Stylish and Creative Mice

Computer mouse – it’s something with what we encounter every day. And it’s very important that we get pleasure from its use. In this collection we’ve tried to gather the most stylish and interesting in our opinion mice and even a bit of creative concepts. We hope this collection will facilitate your search for the "perfect mouse".

eVouse – Regular Mouse and Air Mouse

eVouse is a conceptual mouse, that can operate in two modes – as the standard mouse and also can be switched to air mode. For example, for any specific design goals, such as drawing. The control buttons and scroll wheel are made in the form of small sensory panels, LED backlight is used as feedback and reacts to each command. But, of course, the main feature of the concept is exellent design of device, as well as its ergonomics: it is perfectly placed in the hand. The author of concept is designer Marcial Ahsayane. You’ll be suprised by our collection of creative mice.